Let's support the community with votes and sending hive tokens

The Iamalivechallenge community has launched an airdrop for future monetization in the community with its own token, this is something very incredible for all users and will attract new users to the community.

I used to think that launching your own token was very simple but it requires initial capital and our community curators are missing% 50 of the funds to make this possible.

As a very active user in ctptalk.com I give constant votes and especially to the users of #iamalivechallenge, therefore I kindly ask that they collaborate by donating at least 1 hive to the user @wearealive, delegations are not required at the moment like this If you can, send a small donation.

There are users like @ctpsb who have too much influence in the community and I kindly ask you to contribute a vote to promote this article more, because everything accumulated here in different tokens will be sent to the user @wearealive.

If you want to see more about how the issuance of the miners and payments of the tokens per post will be carried out, here is the white paper.

At the moment they are not available to buy the miners, but the maximum profit of the miners will be limited, this helps to maintain price stability in the token and keeps the whales away.

It is obvious that much of the value of the token will depend on the value that users give it, I just hope that many of us can help create a stable community and learn from the mistakes of others.


Thanks a lot for your great support @jakiro12, just one clarification though, it's BEE tokens and not Hive that we need to launch the tribe, you find them in Hive-engine and both the market and the WORKERBEE miners allows you to aqcuire them for less than 1 Hive per BEE, and some of the tokens that pay out dividends also pay out BEE tokens.


Command accepted!

I will buy some to send you when possible

Thanks that would be deeply appreciated.

in which way is this related to musicforlife?

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work