Don't Procrastinate Any Longer.

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In today's video I talk about Procrastination.

Today is day #120 of the I Am Alive Challengee created by Erik Gustafsson @flaxz
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After a short run around the Northern Pass in Listopia I found Luke. #LukeIsAlive

Building daily habits is very important so you have that consistency of showing up and taking action and this will bring success in pretty much everything you want to be good at.

By taking part in the Luke is alive challenge daily it shows how easy it is to build a habit of getting daily traffic to your pages. The bonus of doing the challenge is you get paid for getting traffic and exposure at the same time.

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Below are my featured engagements for today.

Still in the game.... going slow for now but I will be at full steam soon. :)
@robwillmann Is slowly coming back to the blockchain after some personal issues.

My first week at CTPtalk
@aslehansen Has had a great first week on the blockchain and looking for many more.

Is It Hard To Be a Leader? - IAAC #13
@theroad2freedom Makes some good helpful points on being a leader.

Scottsdale Stacker 10 oz Silver Bar
@djohan Featured one of the classiest 10oz silver bars I have seen.

It's Crypto Mondays - 4 Ways To Get Into Crypto...Without A Dime Out Of Pocket!
@jongolson If you didn't catch the Monday night show you can see the replay here.





a lot of things are connected with each other... procrastination, distractions, keeping focus... and it's always more fun to watch TV than work :)

I'm still get caught in that trap... I come from my evening walk, a bit tired, and sit (or lay) down on the couch, and watch a movie... Instead of doing work that I have to do EVERY day at that time... lol... And after the movie ends, then under pressure, doing all that stuff...

Luckily, I succeed to finish my stuff, so it's not a big problem... :)


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I do something like that also, I get back from work and know I can get started but need that time to rest. Once I come back then I get put on the clock to get everything done before it's to late. lol

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Itz better taking an action rather than procrastinating. We all being guilty at times to wait till the last minute.

The more you put it off the easier it is to put off and never get done so it is best to just do it. But that is sometimes easier said then done.


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Right once again there Mike, tomorrow never comes...

You can wait for it but you will grow very old in the process. lol

Yeah that's so true and I'm already halfway there, so no time to wait!. AND no time like the present....

How are you doing over there? Did you end up getting wet feet?

Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Mike, and no procrastination there.

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Well done keeping up your engagements Mike, and nice job highlighting them.


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Thanks for the promotion.
Yes, procratination leeds to more & more work that has to be done, and more and more deadlines missed.

For some people it never gets done. It gets to easy the more you put it off so it is best to just get it done. It's easy to say and talk about but it is not always easy to put into action.

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