Happy New Week - Servicing The Two Generator || IAmAliveChallenge #090 || IAmAliveAndThriving || LarryIsAlive || Alive Burning || 17.06.2024

The weekend have come and long gone and the new week have started, happy new week to you all dear alivers and hivers. I hope and pray for more rewarding exploits this week.

The generating set in the office were long due for servicing so today I took advantage of the national holiday and called in the engineer to come and service the gerators.

At the end the work was done


My #090 IAAC participation for the new year

I am thankful to @flaxz for this wonderful initiative.

The four basic points to take part in the #IamAliveChallenge are:

  • Tell the world that you are alive in a video or photo, and publish it on Hive and We Are Alive
  • Use Tags #alive and #iamalivechallenge
  • Share it on Twitter and or LeoThreads
  • Celebrate your victory everyday

Keep following @bradleyarrow in his trail to be visible and get exposure, join the curation and enjoy the bbh drips.

#LarryIsAlive Hunt

Now to the #Larry's hunt.
Because I am alive and thriving not minding the weekend mode looking dull I went out for Larry's hunt and I am happy that I found Larry in this locations

Completing ListNerds Task
There were lots of mails, so I engaged in the ListNerds task of reading more than 10 mails to find Larry in this location

Alive Burning To @null

As part of my contribution to the community's growth and promotion of this post, I am burning some alive power by sending it to @null. What an impressive way of creating impact!

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Do have a blissful #alive and hive #week ahead and #hive on to the moon!! #creativecoin #vyb


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