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Hi friends, all of you on Wednesday Walk, today, on Sunday, I visited a sea that is closest to my house and today I tried to take photos of the sea and fishing boats as well as the activities of the community in the sea. the afternoon will disappear so quickly but I continue to chase a photo for my activities this Sunday afternoon. The sea with the arrival of newcomers is getting more fun when it comes to walking on the beach this afternoon. Of course all friends on this Sunday have their own activities, of course because today is a day to stop working for just one day of course friends have different desires in doing things in a holiday this Sunday.



so I tried to take a photo of the situation on a beach and did a search for an interesting moment but it was also very difficult for me to get it but with my faith and my efforts I took photos of the activities of people who came to the beach to release fatigue in a few days of work and they traveled to this very beautiful sea.








the beautiful scenery makes us feel at home sitting on this beach but if night comes maybe we can't because we are not used to it because the loud voice of uncle in the middle of the night may be our sleep is not good because we are not used to it, but the people who live on the coast are used to it and this is the nature where they play everyday on the beach or in the sea. It's good that all of them have arrived here from me and continue to work and be successful in the future.


Such vibrant colors awesome walk

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