The Silver Lining amongst fire and covid. hehe

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It's been so long! Two weeks of covid followed by two weeks of evacuation. but now???

I'm home. mmmmmmmm I'm home.

Right now I'm sitting on my bed, writing, feeling the warmth of my heater (yes,, hehehe winter is approaching FAST in the mountains! LOL), and the smell of dinner is on the stove. Doesn't it feel so good to be home? Aren't you so grateful you have a home? I really am 😊

Well, we moved here in 2017 - and we knew we wanted to see Yosemite - BUT... no matter how hard we tried, SOMETHING would always stop us. Crazy things! But we never made it there.

While we were evacuated, so many VERY cool things happened!! I won't list them all now cuz this is all about the #wednesdaywalk! hehehe But one of the best things was that our evacuation spot was about 15 minutes from the entrance of Yosemite hahahaha

We couldn't believe it! So... we WENT! Our evacuation home had very very intermittent internet, and no tv (which we are VERY used to hehe) so it seemed like the PERFECT thing to get us out of the house and celebrate how God had once again provided this awesome surprise in the midst of these major trials!

Here come the pics! :) ENJOY!!!

We are following the crowds - walking in... and there as the trees part... Half Dome. WOW. just... WOW!!! :)


We started at Granit Point and normally in the summer, you'd see 3 waterfalls here - including Bridalveil. But since we are in drought and its winter - you can only see a small trickle of 2 falls - and they aren't picked up by the camera. But trust me - its there with your eyes. hehehe didn't take long for us to reach the lookout and of course my daredevil girl, @quirky.countess (Remy) had to climb up on to the rock. hehehe @bbqgriffinwings and I followed her up! but the picture came out goofy hahaha so go spot her on the left ;)


Here was a nice shot of Half Dome, and El Capitan in the back (I think) and the Yosemite Valley below... beautiful :)


@bbqgriffinwings - 6'2"
@quirky.countess - 5'7"
me - 5'2" 😆
@biggerjoe - 6'8"

and yet - when we are all sitting down - I look normal LOLOLOL


One more shot of Half Dome???


and one more peek over the ledge for the dangergirl hahaha


We drove a bit further past Granite Point to... hmmm. was it Washburn Point next? Can't recall now... but it was just about 10 minutes further down the road where it opened up into this beautiful view below!


See that little outcropping there that just hangs over the expanse? hehe they have a picture of two people holding hands and kicking their legs up high on that piece of rock. hahahaa i'm not kidding - my stomach just clenched just thinking about it. LOL For some reason, I see you going out there @galenkp! LOL


so I guess now it's my turn to lean back and take a pic, hehehehe my stomach only clenched when I turned around and looked below LOL. I was exactly 7217 feet above sea level here! hehee

Next it was time to take a drive further in - and descend about 3500 feet into the Valley.

Now, its time to take it in - from the bottom, up! We were actually up on those peaks just 60 minutes prior, looking down hehehe


I love looking up like this. See those beautiful rays! Look at how the trees are just so amazingly tall! They just look like little pines when you're looking down on them, but from this view - you see how amazing everything truly is!


Recognize any special rock there in the distance?? hehehe yep - now you're looking at Half Dome from below!


Now - if you zoom in a bit... you can see ALL KINDS of cool striations, and weird formations, and caverns and all sorts of stuff!!!! It's truly amazing to see how water and ice formed this spectacular landmark! See that cool cave there??? We were wondering what might try to live in there! hehehe


This is the same beautiful rock (see that cavern in the corner??) This was taken after a walk - later in the afternoon as we were heading back. Can you see that weird looking tunnel shaped carving on the face of the rock? It's really cool and I have no idea how that happened hahaha - but it's in all of the artist's renditions - so it is probably something VERY cool that has a neat name - and I was just in awe of it and taking it all in and missed that bit of info. I say, we call it the Mystery Tunnel hehehe


Tall boy, tall mountain. hehehe


I loved the way the stream reflected the beauty of the trees and tiny peek of mountain. Like this one for the reflection, @melinda010100 ?? hehe

and one final parting shot... there is SO much more to see!!! but we were only here for the day! @biggerjoe is dying to go back in winter when it looks so different with snow (but me? not so much.. i am the Snow Grinch hahaha) I think its beautiful - but its soooooo collllllllld! hahahaha I actually would love to go back and see when the falls are running! but - back to what I was saying.. hehehe FINAL SHOT.

El Capitan. (arrrrrr me harties!)

Hope you enjoyed the trip to Yosemite!!! We surely did! After 4 years - it only took us a mandatory evacuation to get us there hehehehe

love you all, missed you all!!!! so glad to be home 😍



what an experience and such amazing views

That’s a place I always wanted to go to as well

I am like you I would not want to go there midwinter

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

hehehehe I'm so glad!!! For me - it was one of the best national parks I've seen! I really would have loved to see Bridalveil - from what Ive seen on the internet, that would have been really something special to see with my own eyes hehehe

but... its ok! maybe next year :)

I'm really happy that you felt like you came along with me for the experience hehehe and i'm glad that my first post back was able to participate in #wednesdaywalk!!! heheheheh

(and of course you dont' want to go there in winter... WE ARE TWINS. lolol)

Lol when I was younger or before TB damaged my lungs winter never bothered me but now Brrrrrrr no thanks

hahahaha yea - when i was MUCH younger. by the time I hit 13?? and had to walk in the snow??? (and yes - it WAS up a mountain 1 mile hahahaha)

just like the "old timers" complain about hahaha that was me! LOL

i remember one time trying to cross the street on a slope - and a car was heading towards me down the hill - sliding out of control... and i was trying to scurry across the street, and then I started sliding out of control... and i dont' know how i made it safely BACK to the side of the street that I was coming from - (other than angels protecting me!! lol) but the next thing i remember - i was BACK at home... calling my mom at work saying I AM NOT GOING TO SCHOOL TODAY!


and she was like... well..ok! LOL

i think THAT was it for me. totally soaked in cold wet snow, all in your shoes and yuck.. no. i like to look at snow for a few days, from the inside of my warm house - and then i want it GONE. hahaha

its absolutely GORGEOUS to look at though...but yeah.. then.. bye bye!!! take all your freezing cold with you, snowstorm! hahaha

That car sliding towards you must have been so scary and I good reason to go back home

I say these days snow looks good on postcards or on TV nit even out the window is so nice if it means I have to go out and shovel it lol

Now about your car story have I told you I have been hit by cars twice Ohh well that’s a story fir another day

Have a great day

hahahahahaha you can't just leaave the comment like that!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL
now i need to know this story - actually these TWO stories hahahahaha

Long story short twice in NY cars decided to ignore a red light and pedestrian crossing lights both could have been worse once my knee popped out of joint and some bruising other time just some scrapes and bruises

more things popping out of joint!!!! lol... you and those joints!!!

did they have to take you to the hospital? or did you just pop everything back in yourself and walk away! hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Wow. That's the most awesomest #WednesdayWalk ever

I thinks it's definitely been my awesomest so far!!! hahahaha thanks DaveDickey!!!

"...and one more peek over the ledge for the dangergirl"

What a cool username @dangergirl would be! 😁 Maybe @quirky.countess should snag that for a second account! I am so glad you were able to get to Yosemite after all that time! Your pics are like postcards! 😊

hehehehe yes - i was able to see it - but where was that Yosemite Sam??? LOLOLOL i couldn't find him anywhere... i was even listening to hear his tapshoes (from your gif hahahaha)

hahahahahaa I'll tell @quirky.countess to grab that name for sure! hehehehehe

and thank you for the compliment on the photos! hahaha I will never buy a fancy camera, but there are some phones that really have the ability to take beautiful shots. Mine is like mid-range hahahaa but I think Quirky takes REALLY great shots with hers!!! (maybe its time for me to upgrade hehehe)

Woww... Let's forget the adventurous vibe captured in all the lines of your work, methinks our Chancellor made very good use of the last for weeks and it's visible in these pictures.

You would pass for a pro photographer. No kidding. Hehe.

This is fabulous.
Do get set to visit this place whenever Winter comes 😂. Take John Snow along. He is never afraid of winter.

bbqgriffinwings - 6'2"
quirky.countess - 5'7"
me - 5'2" 😆
biggerjoe - 6'8"

All I see is a Mum that generously shared her something something with the rest of the family 😂

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLll exactly!!! dont mind those numbers please hahahahahahahaha

oh wow - thanks for the compliments on the photos!!! I didn't even get a chance to edit them - hahaha so... they are what they are LOL but i was glad to see how they came out - a nice album to commemorate the day! :)

and who is this John Snow. hahahaha i think from that show you watch! no no no - i don't watch it hahahahaha

Niceee! Yosemite valley and the half dome looks so beautiful! What an adventure you all had. Indeed, it's a silver lining... To get to spend time with this beauty of nature after all you have been through. It's a blessing!

Lovely snapshots. I see Mikey hid his fav face cap and now I see his hair for the first time! 😍😂

Any feeling of vertigo while taking the picture? Haha, don't know if I could stand on those rocks and look down. I'm glad you and family had a marvelous time. Welcome back home, home. There's no place like home. 😊💖💖

hahahaha yessssssssss i did get a little vertigo at once place - you just can't help it! hahahaha its just so overwhelming!!!

and is it the first time you're seeing his hair?? hahahaha he is thinking about cutting it. he likes it this length too - but it gets unruly quickly hahahahaha

thank you for the welcome home!! :) I just put up a video from the fire evacuation - you'll have to take a look later hehehe though - i think you were seeing it from the discord channel as it was happening hehehe

I might have a bit more on the video though LOL

I think my mouth was open while looking at those high rocks, I could imagine me screaming because of height already 🙈

The adventure is so cool and now I kinda feel grateful to the fire, you got to spend that marvelous time together at Yosemite 😃

You're more than welcome back home our Dreemer 😊 we missed you too

hahahaha thank you for the welcome home, my goodness i'm glad to be back and glad I was missed hehehe

you can see more of the fire - i just posted a video from when we were evaucated hehehe

but yes - the adventure to Yosemite was SO worth it - i loved every moment!!!!

and you would be screaming for sure hahahaha i know it LOL

I'll go check the video out 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

hehehe don't mind me looking sick LOL

Yosemite is great. I grew up at the south entrance so spent a good amount of time there. You can explore the park for years and not see all the cool stuff hidden around every corner. Every season is cool but Spring has nice water flows so the falls are all kicking.

yes - i really want to go back when the Falls are flowing!!!! I just love waterfalls - I can watch them for so long hehehehe

what was your favorite part to visit?? maybe next time i'll have more time to get around and i'll go to your favorite spot and say Hi to Yosemite for you! hehehe

My favorite part was this, the last pitch of the Nose on El Capitan when I climbed it. You could say hi from above or below, lol.


yes.... i will be saying hi from below!!!!!!!

my stomach is dropping just LOOKING at this hahahahaha

This is incredible! I've watched a few documentaries on El Capitan. I love them. Such an incredible feat to achieve. It must have been exhilerating💗

One of the top moments in my life. When I climbed the nose on El Cap I was in the party directly in front of Eric Weihenmayer the blind man who has also climbed Everest. When we topped out there were news crews there and we were stunned until we realized they were there for Hans and Eric. We got interviewed and while on the wall had been trading food and water with them.

What an incredible experience. So blessed💗

Simply stunning photos and I am delighted that you got to go there during this trying time in your life! What a place to help you heal from all the trials that were being thrown at you! I do love that reflection shot! Thanks for thinking of me!

hehehehe yep - as soon as i saw it - i was like oh!!!! a reflection!!! LOL

thanks for enjoying the photos with me!! i can't believe we finally made it LOL - it really was such a kiss on the cheek from God to us during a stress-filled time!

Wow! I am speechless just looking at your photos!

Looking at these photos I can actually feel the atmosphere, the freshness, the silence.

We love going to what we grew up with as Eastern Transvaal, now they call it Mpumalanga. In the mountains, there is a viewpoint known as God's Window.

Looking at your photos, it is even higher where you have been, but your photos create the same kind of sensation inside me as being at God's Window. Utter silence and peace.

It must have been just awesome being there.

I totally get @biggerjoe's desire to go back and see it covered in snow!

I am so happy for you guys to have had the experience to visit such a majestic place.

hehehehe yeah! I'm so happy that we got the chance to go!

And this particular place is actually going to be shut down for the next year and a half - soon! they will be doing road repairs to Granite Point - so that means people won't be able to see that beautiful look out over the valley!!!! for 1.5 years! wow!!!! hard to imagine that they thought this was a good idea to shut off that road completely ahahahah but - i guess they have to!

Yeah - joe wants to see it- but noooooooooooo not me hahahaha
i do not want to be driving in snow up there! LOLOLOL

its bad enough that we get it here! hahahahahahaa

God's Window sounds amazing!!! now we have to come to you so you can show us this! heheheh

Is it just that you don't like driving in the snow or is it about the cold? You almost sound like my She cannot stand the cold!

God's Window sounds amazing!!! now we have to come to you so you can show us this! heheheh

That sounds awesome! God's window is quite far from where we are now (a couple of hundred kilometers), but we can always make a plan, just depending on how much time will be available. But we have some awesome places we can show you closer to home too!


Those are beautiful :) The foot kicking pic would have been amazing with you and @biggerjoe 🙌 Maybe go back in the spring for that and the waterfalls ❤️


guess what - this place here - Granite Point (the first location) will be closing soon - for 1.5 years for road maintenance!!!

so i'm THRILLED that we were able to get there BEFORE it closed! have you ever been out here?? hehe

No, but it looks nice :) Busy for a nature area, but still spectacular!


yeah hehehe there are more places that aren't so busy - but this is only like 1 hour drive into Yosemite. I think the deeper you go in - the fewer people you would see hehehehe

lol probably. Not many want to leave the bigger groups :)

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Talk about finding the blessing in disguise! What a great trip! Thanks for sharing!

and this was only one of the blessings - there were so many more!!! hehehe it really , wow, this last month was just one of those months that brings you to your knees and makes you reflect on the wonder and grace of God, you know???

but this place was very much a special treat for us!! :) thanks for coming to say hi @deeanndmathews !!! :)

You're welcome -- THANK YOU for the "How Great Thou Art" moment!

hehehe yes indeed! then sings my soul! :)

Yeah, I'd walk out there for sure. I'd probably fall off but it wouldn't be any worse than any number of bicycle crashes I had as a kid. I'm resilient.

hahahahaha if you fall off that and live - you must be extra bouncy! :)

thinking of you 😄

I'm very bouncy which is a good thing because we all fall sometimes.

we do. and bounciness helps - and when we can't be bouncy... friends to catch us!! :)

I tend to splat a lot too. Sometimes right on my face. Explains a lot right?

splatting is no good. your friends need to be better spotters.

or you need better spotters to be your friends hehehehe

Nah, I wave them out the way.

I guess my logic is that a few face-splats might go some way towards rectifying the face a little, made horrendous by too many face-splats. I'm hoping it goes full circle...And if not then I have an excuse for why it resembles a smashed crab.

hahahaha you do NOT have a horrendous face!!! it's actually quite nice to look at, my dear sir! hahahaha

@dreemsteem So nice to see you back and back to business hehe. I am watching every picture carefully and feel your joy. You know even after thousands of walks and journeys I still get excited and spend sleepless nights before the travel commences. Beautifully present Yosemite.

I can just imagine you walking for hours and hours here @sunnyag!!! hehehehe there is so much to see - you really need at least a week to take it all in! and I think different times of the year are even more spectacular! hehehe maybe one day you'll see it!! :)

Yay!!! Yosemite!!!
You can never forget the wonders of it.
Beautiful family, @dreemsteem!!!

thank you my friend - so good to be home!!! and yes - my family is so beautiful, inside and out! hehehe

Evacuations and touristing! I love Yosemite but haven’t been in over 20 years. When I used to be a tour guide we would stay at Bass Lake and then drive into the national Park for the day. This was just a couple years after the massive landslide and then a flood I think… so I was always freaked out something catastrophic was going to happen when we visited. 😂🤣

HAHAHAHA me and @bluefinstudios call it "evacu-cation" hahahahahahaha

and wowww Bass Lake - i love it there! I just loaded a video from there maybe... 6 weeks ago? hehehehe so fun! that area is SO beautiful!

and HEYYYYYYY FINNEY!!!!! hehehehe nice to see you!!! how are you doing lady?!?!?!

I am good. I am on “vacation”. Which is just three nights on a island that is so close to home I can see our town & the skyscrapers of downtown Seattle from the window of our cottage! 🤣😂 But it is dreamy!


this is like a staycation kinda then! and you know what???
i love those sometimes even more than a vacation hehehehe

you enjoy every single moment of it lady!!! :)

What an awesome trip! and great photos. I don't think I've ever seen pics of Half Dome before and had no idea how gorgeous the views are.

hey I replied to this yesterday and upvoted it hahahahaha
and my whole reply is gone now! hmmmm something was happening with Hive yesterday cuz like half my comments said error - but then i opened again and replied and they said they went through!!!

gahhhhh well i'm glad you came to visit me! hehehehe and yes - it was BEAUTIFUL! :) I'M SO GLAD we got to go!

Woow. What an experience that wont leave the memory so soon. I love the pix that show the river path, the mountain top, and the half dome. Yosemite is a nice place to spend the holiday. Some of us might not have the opportunity to visit there but from your experience and pix shared I think I enjoyed it. Thanks, proud momma

doris!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness its been a while since I've seen you! heheheh how are you :)

yes - there are so many beautiful national parks - but it all depends on where you live that you get to see them hehehe so the only way to share is through photos sometimes :)

Hope you are well @dorisegwu !!!

Am doing great ma. I have finding it difficult to post on the hive. So I could only comment. I once chatted u on discord ma. Thanks for the reply

Oh because you don't have enough HP?

Come talk to me in discord @dorisegwu ! If you are going to write on Hive, I can delegate some HP to you!

Come talk to me in discord :)

Wooow. So grateful ma. I will do just that now.

Awesome you finally got to get over there!

i was so thrilled hehehehe and i think you can tell from the pics :)

Wow wow wow! Such amazing pictures. I’m so glad you finally got to go. I haven’t been there in years. It really is so incredible to see Half Dome “up close.” Snd yes, I hope next time you go you get to see the falls in all their glory.

How awesome you are back home, that you’re healthy again, have Internet again. All the good things!

well turns out that this area here that let us look down on Half Dome... it will be closed off for 1.5 years as they do maintenance to the road!!!

I can't believe that we got to see it RIGHT before this happened. They won't reopen it until 2023 sometime!!! can you believe all the people who won't get to see those sights there!!!

but i'm SO thankful that we did!!! finally! hehehehehe

thanks for visiting friend!!!! :)

Good to have ya back.

That's definitely somewhere I plan on visiting when I get back stateside one day. It looks impressive!

thanks! glad to be back! hehehe

and yessssss - sadly - i forgot to mention this in the post... but Granite Point - that first lookout spot - the whole road to it will be closed for a year and a half - very shortly!!! :(

that means visitors won't get up there until late 2023 i think! isn't that sad???
I'm so glad that we got there before they closed the road. They're closing it for repairs.

but I'm like really???? 1.5 years for road repairs?!?!?! they didn't look that bad to me! LOL

That's a shame but I think it'll be longer than that before I get my shit together enough to get back over stateside for a trip. Guess the roads worse off than it looks, or they got a running deal with the roadworks crew.

my vote is on the running deal cuz I drove over it and I don't remember anything that stood out as "bad roads" lol

they would be better off spending some money on those glorified outhouses... cuz... PUKE.

fair play and never changes. I have been in one comfy public toilet lately. It was called a tree.

Low maintenance, and eco friendly.

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL you always crack me up!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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This Wednesday Walk is nothing short of spectacular. The mountains and valleys take my breath away. Truly majestic in all their beauty. Mother Nature just invites us into her fold, doesn't she? you know how much I love the mountains. Yosemite is definitely on my list for when we do California one day! For me it will definitely be a summer visit 😎Your pics are awesome and I guess for now I just have to dreem 😍Am I likely to encounter any bears or dangerous reptilian creatures out there? 😂😜So pleased you had such a lovely day out in the park; a welcome relief from the trials of the last month or so I am sure.

you know where to come!!!!! :) hehehehe

and its ok to dreem! hahaha i'm dreeming something pretty sweet - and praying that it will come to happen! hahahahaha

bears - you can - but they are usually VERY scared of people and will run their cute fluffy butts away. seriously, i used to be terrified of seeing them - and then i did. and i was like awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww they're so cute!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

reptiles - snakes. but rare to see them, and you can just be aware. rattlers usually let you know when you're near..hahaha

thank you for enjoying my day with me!! it really was so welcome after all those trials! LOLOLOL

💗 hey, I've seen pics of those cute fluffy 1/4 ton Teddies. Believe me, I think I'd be a bit freaked, although if I was a safe distance away I'd be ok... but I know you can't outrun one of those glorious creatures. ...don't put me off pleez ha ha ... I guess it's all about being sensible, right?! Gotta keep focussed on the big picture 💗🙏

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLl yeah i guess i should say - i was in the car in BOTH times i saw them. so... yeah - i probably would feel the same if i was seeing them face to face hahahahahaha

though i've heard of some who have - and the bears STILL run away hahahaha like - IN TERROR. they just do not like humans heheheh

i guess mommas with cubs would be different

and rattlers - shhhhh did i say rattlers??? nahhhh nope nope nope LOL

Keep that dreem alive my friend. You know it will come to fruition. Whatever it is. I know it has to be special ... and therefore it has to "become". It's the way of things...

everyday - i pray over it, research, talk to people, and wait with great expectation! hehehehe

but i believe it's going to happen! well, i actually know that it will - but WHEN.

i want it to happen next year. when i KNOW it will in my heart (even before i have the money...) when i have the faith - then I'll step out and announce it and just sit back and giggle with delight as I watch God take us through it! hehehehehehehe

!LUV this💗and oh just for the hell of it... !PIZZA

hahahahaha mmmmm gluten free pizza hahahahahahaha

hi my sweet friend @wesphilbin

Back at ya! Sorry... I am always behind on my Curation Account lol. And don't really comment much. But I am hoping everyone knows I manually read every single #thoughtfuldailypost. Then upvote and add my graphic. I'm not the only one...

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hehehehe yep - that's what I do too... always manual :)

its the best way!!!

and it does take time - so i never worry if a comment doesn't come right away! i love when they come and are heartfelt! that's what matters most :)

It is the best way, then I know it is done! :) It does take time and I have found that people have been very patient and appreciative, all in the same breath.

I hope you are doing well! Have a great night! #MarketFriday tomorrow! Yay!

I am doing well!!! :)

and i agree - i think patient - appreciate - AND receptive to more conversation! hehehe

don't you love when you find someone who is like surprised that someone is actually talking to them on their post! hahahaha

i love that! then they're like wow!!! i wrote - and someone replied! hahahaha

very cool :)

Yes! Probably one of the comments I receive most often. That I comment on each of the posts and they feel like I really read them and respond back. If someone spends that much time making a post for me? They deserve a nice, well-thought-out comment. It takes more time, but, then again, so did their post.

While it doesn't bother me if somebody else doesn't do it, I feel like I cheat them if I don't.

yes!!!! that is EXACTLY how I feel too!!!!

when people spend their time with you - it needs to be honored! You and I are cut from the same cloth hehehe

She does too, Wes! :) She has been to my space, but, like me, she is busy, manually curating everything.

Oh yes... that I do know dear friend. I was just fanning the flame of your awesomesauce'ness!!


Awww. Thank you. You are so kind. :)

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I didn't see that you have posts again and now it is 3am, but I wanted to say I am going to read them and comment and I am glad to see that you're back! You are back, right? Well, I guess I need to read the posts to get the whole story. Lol. But it's good to see signs of you.

hehehehe yes - and i left you a dm - and now i have something else to ask you!!! :)

but i'm getting ready to leave soon - so just remind me in DM that i had something to ask you! hahahahaha

and yessssssssssss i'm baaaaaaaaaaaack :)


thank you for being happy to see me back! hehehe feels so good to be missed!!!!

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heyyyyyyyyyyyy thank you @harlowjourney !!!!!

i have no idea how posh works - i see it all the time hahahahaha

hmmm maybe I should come to your DM and ask you something about it hahahaha