To the Castle! my Wednesday walk in Kirkcaldy

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First off...if you want to sound like a native you must pronounce the towns correctly! Hehehe there is no L sound in that town's name! It sounds more like Kir...coddy! Yep! Now you can be a pro when you visit!!!

@penderis and @samsmith1971 and I booked this amazing little Airbnb for our time on Scotland!

Almost immediately, we went out to explore our little neighborhood!! This picture was taken from the back patio where you can look out at the was really such a beautiful spot!!

Here...we were walking down the little courts to head towards the water. Think I'm going to put my feet in that frosty water??? hehee wait and see...

We stopped at this little memorial, it was so unusual! It looked like a statue of a mine floating in the waves.....and that's exactly what it was! Some men (and even a young boy) lost their lives protecting the village from a mine at sea. This memorial was put here to honor their sacrifice. I took pictures of the words that were inscribed on the was so powerful, you can see parts of it here. It basically said that the bravest among us are those who see what is required, regardless of the danger, and set out towards it anyway.

We continued walking around the neighborhood and came upon a beautiful little church and a cemetery. We so enjoyed walking through and finding the epitaphs of people who have been gone hundreds of years now.... amazing. One was born in the 1600s!!

Then... continuing to explore and find new treasures! We walked along the upper road towards the call of the Castle! Every time that @samsmith1971 or @penderis said "castle" with their accent....I had to repeat it with my own affirmation.... "Toooo Thuh Cah-sill!!!!". That's my English accent shining through...lolol

Come walk with us....can't you just hear the call? feel the go just a bit further to find what's at the end of this golden lit road? We saw a local woman right about here ..and she was so lovely. As everyone in Scotland was!!!! truly truly lovely people! kind and quick with a smile!!! And she was telling us that we had every reason to smile this day since they don't get the sun that often...and we had a lovely day! So...turns out that I brought the beast from the east....but then that California sun came pouring through too...hehehe

oh yes...and we found a little friend that was SUCH a love! She would even jump up on her two back paws to get lots of snuggly pets from us!!!! hehehehe. She followed us around for a while! lolol. so so cute!

I love this pasture....the land here in Scotland is so special. I've felt this kind of connection to the land at two other locations in the world.... and this place had the same sweet vibrations hehehe. I wish I could bottle that feeling and sell it!!! feels so "home".

and these trees.....I wish I could capture the image better but I just didn't. I took several pics but they just couldn't capture the incredible unique style of these sorry! You'll just have to come see for yourself! hehehe

and finally.... we made it to the end of the glorious road to see THE CASTLE! hehehe There are so many castles...but I don't tire of seeing them! and imagining.... wondering... dreeming...

We didn't walk on the grounds...but around them and down into the woods and below the castle we found a cave! and yes...we did explore it! hehehe

Seems like it makes a nice shelter for people wanting to get out of the cold, because we did find remnants of people being there recently!

and a bit further into the woods, we saw that a fire was set up for later that evening. Very smart! why set it up in the dark when you can have it ready for when you arrive!!!!

Are you the type of person who reads the signs and follows instructions? you see it as a challenge to defy them...lololol. I'll let you guess which type of person @penderis is...hahahaha

and back to the water... walking down the steps...hehehehe

did I go in?

Hehehe as you can see....I'm wearing calf high rubber yes...I did step in! and the water was probably freezing, but I was happy and warm and enjoying the movement of the water against my protected legs under rubber boots !!!! hehehehe so glad that you suggested I bring them @penderis!!! lolol

This was our first proper walk in Scotland...and it's only been a week, but I feel a bit emotional looking at these pics....I can't believe that half the trip is over!!! but will enjoy every bit of it remaining!!!! I'm having the #bestdayever ...over and over and over again, Sam and Pen!!

This post was entered for #wednesdaywalk...hehehe with @tattoodjay!!!! Hi Weretwin!!! lol

It's been a while since I joined in the fun but thanks to this trip I have a great reason to join!!! hehehehe

I tried to do the @pinmapple location...but for some reason the site won't let me grab my code... oh well!!! hehehe I'll try again soon!


Both my daughters were born in Kirkcaldy, we lived in Dunfermline & it was our closest maternity unit.
I also passed my driving test in the town.

Glad you had a nice time, and even got some winter sunshine!

you're kidding me!!!!!!! what a small world! ahahahaha wow!!

yes - we did bring some of the California sun to Kirkcaldy!!! and the last day in London was also beautiful hehehehe

i really had a wonderful time and would love to go back to UK in the summer!!!

What a grand adventure!

It was the grandest ever!!!!!!! oh my goodness - what a trip!!!!

Such a lovely trip up to Scotland. That airbnb was an awesome base! So many laughs. So much fun. Love you guys @dreemsteem and @penderis

...and the little kitty? soooo cute!!!


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hehehehe i missed this! oh my gosh - how are we home already :(

I immediately tried pronouncing Kirkcaldy 🤣, and why seems little bit hard? Does it goes with an accent?

Scotland was really a beautiful country and those castles! Been wanting to see one.
You got a wonderful walk

its pronounced as Kur- cotty.


kinda like that LOL

and yes - there were so many castles all around! hehehe just more than you can imagine - what a beautiful country!!!

Amazing 🤩. Finally at the end of the trip. The castle and all. Such an amazing adventure. Penbot! Oooh. The rocks can be dangerous but you hoped in 😂

hehehe sorry but I missed this comment cuz i was traveling all over hahahaha

penbot! isn't it cool to finally see his smiling face!!!!

he is a troublesome one going into those rocks hahaha

I knew you would have been so busy. Hahaha. I am happy to see the reunion. My regards to everyone

I love the picture of the castle, they way you took it was amazing, it feels like something From those thriller movies. I saw you did some Meetup with the guys, it was an exciting experience hahaha.

hehehe thank you so much! sorry i missed commenting back! I was still in UK til just 2 days ago!

hahahaand that cave - yes - when we walked in, i wondered if there would be something to jump out at us hahahaha

awwwn , this is sweet, spending time with friend is a good one and it lifts the spirit,
i love this beautiful pictures😘😘

Im so glad you loved it! hehehe
sorry I missed this comment when you first came round! hehee

Okay .its no problem.😊

Lovely photos, it looks like you were quite lucky with the weather!

yes we had some drizzly days - some snowy days - some windy days - but overall - it was super fun and the sunny days came at the right times!

sorry that i missed this comment the first time arouhd hehehe we were still gallivanting LOL

SO cool the three of you got together to make this trip and experience such a cool time together including this walk, so much beauty and so much history

That Mine Memorial is so powerful and touching

Thanks for joining the Wednesday, its always fun for me to visit the walks from all around the world, getting a feel for communities where people live and what they see on their daily walks

hi you!!! hehehe sorry that i missed this comment - i just got back from UK 2 days ago hahaha

and yes - that Mine Memorial was really special. I took lots of pictures all around it but it was hard to capture it fully you know?

we really had such a beautiful time! i love meeting people from online!

now i need to head to your neck of the woods and kidnap you! hehehehe


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Oh my goodness - this makes me want to visit here so much!!!

hehehe you SHOULD. you definitely should - what a beautiful place!
I want to go back in the summer for sure!!!

And I enjoyed the day with you! I can't imagine how emotional it must be, spending the day with people close to your heart. Haha

hehehehe yes - that's exactly it - people close to my heart! the love was so full! hehehe

Woow! It was such a relaxing walk and i know you enjoyed it. Hope you don't get so freezes by put your lega inside the water. Well, it's part of the fun time

Thanks for sharing

hehehe i'm so glad that you enjoyed it - but no... the rubber boots kept my legs totally warm! heheh so standing in the water didn'tdo anything to me LOLOL

That's good to know

Beautiful people

yes they are very beautiful and i loved hugging them!

It seems you have enjoyed a lot there. I would like to company you if I were there. I also love to walking and it's gives me a adventurous vibes.

hhehe it was SO adventurous and SO exciting. but most of all - i just loved all the hugs hehehe