A Cool Walk On A Warm Day - My First Wednesday Walk

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I've always wanted to do a Wednesday Walk post, and decided that instead of waiting until I could afford an expensive-super-deluxe DSLR camera, I'd use what I had on me. The would be my fat-battery moto g power phone. In decent light there was a chance to get good photos and the rest as they say, could be tweaked in post. So I set off!

Now we've been lucky here in the northeast to have been spared the skin-melting temperatures they're getting in the south and southwest. I don't know how they're surviving in Texas, for example. It's just after midnight as I'm typing this and we're at 70 degrees, with a high today expected to be around 88.

I don't have dozens of shots, as this was my first time experimenting using Gimp for photo editing. Each of these took awhile as I tweaked the settings in order to improve the pics. I'm sure as I gain more experience with the software, the process will become much more natural for me.

I'm Walkin

When I took this walk down towards the river, it was warm and quite bearable and I barely broke out in a sweat by the time I got there. With a lower-end device, I was looking for some splashes of color, when I spied these bountiful large flowerpots brimming with blooms.

Bursts of color assaulted my eyes, in the form of preening flowers competing for attention. Whipping out my phone, I proceeded to capture them in all of their majesty while the sun beamed overhead.

Flowers1 @EverNoticeThat.jpg
The first shot of the white flowers, reminded me of the church ladies I'd seen as a boy wearing their Sunday finest. They almost appear to be having a spirited discussion among themselves with the lush greenery making for a perfect backdrop.

Dancers @EverNoticeThat.jpg
This photo spoke to me of two dancers gliding across the stage, one in front of the other. It's amazing how they take on a life of their own in the eyes of the beholder.

Matched Pair @EverNoticeThat.jpg
I call this one 'The Matched Pair' who both seem to belong to each other for obvious reasons. The theme of love popped into my mind as of the lady gazing lovingly at her partner.

The following two combine walls and lines of demarcation in a beautiful way on a beautiful way. In the first shot, red and green compete with each other while each keeping to their side of an invisible boundary. While 'The Wall' with its stark tones and texture, seems to morph from its namesake, into a painting on a virtual "wall" itself.
Flower Wall @EverNoticeThat.jpg

Wall @EverNoticeThat.jpg

And of course we see mirrored in the glass eyes of a tall building: 'The Woman.' I was startled as this one actually snuck up on me. You can clearly see the silhouette of a young woman, her long curls swirling below her neck, as she looks hopefully to her future.

The Woman @EverNoticeThat.jpg

All in all, this was a positive end to a beautiful day, and that my friends was my first #WednesdayWalk. Where will your next walk take you?

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Beautiful flower son your walk, and I love those funky building reflections
Nice to have you join the Wednesday walk, for me its not so much about the phone or camera one uses, or the quality of the photos but having fun getting out walking and sharing the experience with us a;;

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Thanks for that compliment and glad to be here. I like to tinker with my posts, and sometimes as the saying goes, the perfect becomes the enemy of the good. I saw that I was letting the abscence of perfect tech (High-end iPhone, dslr) keep me from capturing those moments in my own walks than I would otherwise.

I decided it's "now or never" and was pleasantly surprised at the improvements that could be had "in post." The camera was a little better than I thought it was, but as you said: Just getting out and experiencing/sharing it was the best of all. Without this community, I would have passed it all by. Because of it, I was looking and seeing the world around me from a new perspective. I was genuinely surprised when I saw the woman in the glass and stopped for a moment to take it all in. That's what #WednesdayWalk is all about.

A comment like this just makes me smile and he so happy the Wednesday walks motivates you and makes you feel that way

Because of it, I was looking and seeing the world around me from a new perspective.

That’s awesome

I have 13 varieties of Mayana flowers in my garden. I think I have the combination of light green and purplish red.

I used to know all of these plants back when I took horticulture in high school. I think they went by a different name here when we were caring for them in our greenhouses.