Whipped Up Beaches

in Wednesday Walk2 months ago

Have Your Pick Each Is Wide, White Sand To Walk

From St Lucia town within a kilometer one is able to visit Main Beach, Jabula Beach, Ndlovu Beach, Ingwe Beach or Estuary Beach, let's whip through a couple on one hell of a windy day!

Exploring these large expanses of beach even on an extremely windy day was rewarding to try photography being sand blasted.

Main Beach extreme long white beach waiting for you, being more popular with vendors along the hill at the top, we ventured over to look but did not stop for long knowing we had more to visit where we would have peace and quiet. Previous experience kicked in.

Ambled down to Jabula Beach no vendors or cars in the parking lot, a much better spot to get going.


Looking down the coast toward Maphelane Beach (when estuary mouth is closed you are able to walk this beach as well), high vegetated sand dune as your backdrop, clouds tumbling up over the Indian Ocean.


Northerly view up the beach toward Cape Vidal, wind making tracks lifting sand, whipping the mist of sea spray along the shoreline.


Another peak between the dunes in northerly direction showing dunes and sand spray. Birds battled the wind along the seafront this day being thrown hither and tither determined the continued to their destinations in the gale.


Back behind the dunes as one comes directly off the beach a lovely grass area with picnic sites and toilets available at all the beaches. Here the crows enjoying themselves cleaning the braai grid off for the next visitors it will be clean!


Some flowers at Ingwe Beach with red pods in between not sure which plants these are.

Photography and walking, turned into an eventful morning with everything on the move.


#alwaysaflower as Denise would say, soon a post dedicated to some of our wonderful plant life with @dswigle always cheerful, full of song and mystery.


Having shared Estuary, Mission Rocks and Cape Vidal beaches in previous posts one last glimpse at the windswept dunes as we venture along to the next venue.

Smiling wryly one has to visit the beaches, take a walk or be blown along, whipped into a frenzy by wind that day, it shed some light on why this coast has taken a few ships over the years.


Thanks for joining me on the beaches of St Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa where one can swim at your own peril, no lifeguards, still within the boundaries of the Wetlands Park so nature roams free, a happy Hippo may also pop over the dunes on an early morning wander.


#wednesdaywalk host @tattodjay in collaboration with #makemesmile hosted by @elizacheng

All photography using Canon Powershot SX730 HS.

Thought for Today: "The eyes that have seen the ocean cannot be satisfied by a mere lagoon." - African Proverb





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Thank you @joanstewart, that's with pleasure! Have a nice weekend 🌹🌹🌹

waoo nice pics!

Thanks for visiting and kind comment.


Judging by the picture it does look very windy out there, hopefully the crows clean up not not leave a mess lol.

Very cold in Joburg today, have a good evening Joan.

Sand blasting took all the cobwebs away that day!

Crows were pretty neat and tidy as are all the areas on offer up here.


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Beautiful skies lovely wide sandy beaches and WOW those dunes so big, such a beautifiul place to explore

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Dunes are fascinating world of green inside, unusual plant life in second highest vegetated sand dunes in the world in this region, highest being in Australia.

I can see like a vast desert, this is the most open place to be explored, amazing.

Beaches are long and wide affording plenty of space to enjoy when the wind is not blowing.


I have an addiction to taking inventory at the blacksmithing shop.
We all have our vices.

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Wow, what a views. Even though windy those areas are beautiful and the beach stunning.
Thanks for sharing with us.
Happy Wednesday 😊👋🏻

You can see for miles and miles, find beaches completely deserted of people to enjoy to the full.


That’s wonderful, I always search for those 😉😊
Have a great Thursday Joan


Such incredible beaches, Joan! @joanstewart especially Maphelane Beach. Is that pink sand on it or am I just seeing things?

I have to say that I didn't realize hippos liked the beach. I thought they were more freshwater animals. Shows you how much I know.

The flowers on the bottom are boneseed ( I am pretty sure) and the top are bush tick berry. Is that coccinia? it is an edible fruit or is that a seed pod?

I always wondered how you kept the Braai so clean!!

I'm mysterious? Really?

I hope you are having a great Thursday, Joan!

Hippo that walked the coastline Huberta the Hippo story of escapade down the coast, perhaps it was normal before humans arrived. It is evident early mornings to find tracks on the beach, beach visits not allowed after sunset or before sunrise.

First flower appears to be Osteospermum moniliferum (Chrysanthemoides monilifera) Tick-berry/Boneseed.

Fruit/seed pods, Coccinia a strong contender, have not seen previously not able to find in research, anyone who recognizes let me know.

Second flower possibly not local coming closest to Bidens micrantha subsp. micrantha (flowers), not sure don't know!

Thanks for pointers Denise some more detail always helps, as for the Crows being caught out in the open was fun watching them haggle over some drippings.

Knowledge in plants, you find answers each time asked, content accompanied with beautiful whimsical poetry to enjoy! Yes mysterious in depth of knowledge 🙂 !LUV to you and yours!


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What a wide shoreline! 😱 So beautiful! 😊 Love all the photos. Perfectly captures. 😊

Great you enjoyed the beaches and joined in the fun in windswept conditions.


The beaches are racked! They must be well maintained!

Nature takes care of everything, rippled sand from strong winds.

Visitors who love the region tend to place their trash in bins near picnic sites, never seen human waste lying around.

The sand whipped dunes look amazing with the neat rows, Joan. Your crows are pretty with the white. The ones here are totally black. I had to chuckle at the crows cleaning up the grid.

Beach was fun seeing the spray off the sea mingling with sand raised ripples with no human footprints in sight on some. Main beach two people on the beach, all the rest totally void of humans.

African Pied Crow is striking in black-white coloration, very intelligent bird that will eat about anything.

I have not been on a beach that has not had a blow, gale or breeze, so wonderfully exhilarating @joanstewart. But I do see the danger of swimming without the presence of a lifeguard. Our surf beach across the road is very wild, full of rips and strong tides. But thankfully we have lifeguards on our beach. Sadly not on all the beaches so a drowning occurs now and then, especially the visiting tourists.☺️
And yes, where would we be without a flower or two, ranges of glorious colours provided by mother nature. I love them with a passion, they light up the world, the garden and my house. They always remind me of the very lovely @dswigle too.
It is so nice to be back enjoying posts like yours @joanstewart.

Beaches with or without lifeguards have drownings still occur every so often, normally inland visitors who do not know how to read the rip tides, or listen when told to swim in demarcated area.

These beaches are remote giving one an opportunity to enjoy alone, high dune affords opportunity to look down onto the sea in the hope of a little whale watching, although a bit early in the season.

Thanks for visit and wonderful to see you back home once again.

!LUV and have a great weekend.

The beach looks very beautiful. Wondering why the beach is so deserted.

Out of season, off the beaten track, just the way I enjoy the outdoors, space to think!

You have the whole beach to yourself then, how fortunate. I hate it when the beach is too crowded.