Jagna Ran Out of Cakes!

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It was Saturday last week when my younger brother had finally graduated! Thank God after more than a decade, my parent's prayers has been granted!

Actually his graduation was supposed to be in July but there were some issues with their thesis and so their first schedule was moved and then moved again, I guess it took three rescheduled but all was well because the graduation pushed through even if it took more than a few weeks.

The graduation was held at the Jagna Cultural Center, on that same time, our friends from Cebu were on their way to Tagbilaran City and then they'll be traveling to Cebu the next day. We decided to buy calamay for our friends in Cebu so they can send it to them as well.


And if you are looking for good calamay, the usually place to be is at Ching's Calamay. They are the original makers as what they claim to be and yes, their calamay is always good! But when we arrived there, we noticed its store is now being renovated so we headed to the big house next to it which is also owned by the same person.


I wanted to have the ones inside the coconut shell but they ran out of stock. So I ended up buying the ones in small plastic containers. These are now worth PHp 70 per piece and I got a little shocked! I remember buying one before and it was still Php 50! Oh no! Inflation!


Anyway, I still bought a few pieces for our friends. After sending our friends, we headed to the cultural center where the graduation was being held. But as soon as we went inside, the ceremony was still a long way, there were other courses too so I decided to go out and look for a cake instead.

I knew that there are at least three bakeshops nearby the cultural center. The Jagna cultural center is just opposite to the Catholic church in town.


Here goes my walking adventure! I traveled by foot from the building towards the bakeshops. I passed by this hospital which reminded me so much of what happened in 2017. It was there that I was brought because after having days of tummy pain, I was diagnosed to have ectopic pregnancy and had to be operated but they have to send me to Tagbilaran City instead as they can't operate here.

I could really still remember what happened that day, I was literally crying inside the hospital. Anyway, those are now memories of the past! I noticed that there's construction going on too in the hospital! I hope they can improve their facilities too!


Unfortunately, the first bakeshop which is Stickybuns was already closed, it was still early but they were closed already! I thought maybe they ran out of stock already. Since I know Cake Avenue isn't too far from here, I proceed with my walking tour.


I past by a few establishments, there's the First Consolidated Bank and Metrobank, there was a pharmacy, a motorcycle dealer, some food stalls, and burger corners. I was really hoping that I could get a cake and put on a congratulations note on it.

Then I finally reached the bakeshop but I had a feeling they were also closed and this was confirmed when I finally saw the shop:


So I got heart broken, I guess I had walked quite a distance now from the cultural center. I know there's one more bakeshop but I forgot where it was so I asked some random bypassers and they referred me to this building called 7's. It's not near to where I was so they suggested I take a tricycle or rela as how they refer it here.

It was easy to find a rela so I hailed in one. It's been months or perhaps years since I took one. I sat at the empty seat just behind the driver, I had no idea how much the fare was so I had to ask the lady next to me. I got a little shocked again to find out that it's now Php 15 per ride! Woah!


The driver had to take the market route because there were passengers going that way. We passed by McDonalds, then turned towards the port area, there are still ships docking here with a route of Jagna - Nasipit. I have not yet tried taking this ship here although my parents had before.


I felt like I was really having a tour! We passed by the back side of the wet market and there were so many people around! I spotted The Buzzz Cafe too! I wish to have a cold ice cream at that moment and I could only imagine getting that cold ice into my throat!

Without me noticing, we had reached the 7's building! Goldilocks is just right at the front of the building. I was excited and hopeful that I could get a cake for the brother. Also, I was really making fast moves because I have to take photos of him as he accepts his diploma but I was not sure if I can make it because I am still finding a cake. for him.


I got out of the tricycle and I could literally see that the glass chiller was empty. I knew right then and there that they were sold out as well. I still went inside just to verify, just in case they have some being hidden at the back of the store or whatever.


I got slapped by a "we are soldout" look on the face of the teller. But I looked at the other side and they still have other goodies available. I decided to just buy a set of original polvoron and a pack of macaroons.

I guess that will be okay as a substitute for a graduation cake!

I got back to the cultural center hailing again a tricycle. I am glad that when I arrived, my brother's just about to receive his diploma so I was still able to take photos.

Next time, I guess I really have to prepare and secure a graduation cake instead of hoping for luck. Thanks though for joining me in this Wednesday Walk! I hope this post didn't make you tired.


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Congratulations to your brother on his graduation

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

thank you dear.. i will let him know


Happy graduation to your sibling! Congratulations!
I was a bit surprised to know that kalamay and the tricycle fare have increased their prices! WAAAAT!!! Ka mahal na ba!
It's so fun to see the places around Jagna. Too bad you couldn't buy the cakes but hopefully, your brother still appreciates the polvoron.
Bawi na lang the next day! 😂

haha yes, the macaroons saved me hehe
pero tinuod btaw mahala na jd ayy... makahunahuna jd ko na magpuyo lang sa balay gamay ra gasto

Murag dollars imong gasto if mugawas 😂