Wednesday Walk ~ Oh no, snow!

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I was up early to take my car to the service station -- the snow tires are being taken off! I know, I thought it was safe after 24 days without snow but this shouldn't last, I hope. What a lovely forsythia bush.


I had a 30 minute walk home in the chilly air. The spring flowers sure seem confused but not the people. A man I passed, said "Merry Christmas!"


Through the neighbour, I walked and jogged a little.


Gorgeous hyacinths in full bloom.


A mystery on the lawn ahead. I bet that's where they access the cables for our new TV service.


Is it just me or do those magnolias look cold?


Poor flowers but they will be okay -- they're all perennials and bulbs. Our planting season is still 5 weeks away.


Back home. I carried out the last patio chair yesterday so the snow is probably my fault. On the bright side, there are no mosquitos!


Photos from the iPad of @kansuze in Kanata (Ottawa), Canada.

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That's all? It already melted, then dumped another foot, then melted again, where I am.

I hear we're not done yet, but the sun came out an hour ago and it's all gone for now.

It did the same thing here momentarily but by the end of the day the snow was all melted.

We had a tiny dusting overnight again, now gone, and I think we are over it.

Same here just frost, its delaying my mushroom season over here.