Wednesday Walk: In the park on June 15

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Hello everybody!

My post if for #WednesdayWalk by @tattoodjay And Make me Smile by @elizacheng

My walk in the park. I wanted to tell you so much, but when I started writing the post I couldn't find the words. I'm fine. Not frequent walks with a camera are distracting, I'm focused on taking pictures. It's not possible to take pictures everywhere, though. I miss the early walks to the sea on the coast.
We were lucky today, we managed to make the walk to the park and back before the air-raid alarm.

So, my walk on Wednesday.

June! The weather today was wonderful. The flowerbeds of petunia are fragrant.

Flowering mock-orange bushes
An abundance of green color all around!

Come with me on the paths.

Horses and riders walk here.
Cherry trees are ripening.

This is a Cercis tree (Judas tree) Seeds

The young branches of fir trees
We walk down the alley to the fountain

The sky looks peaceful.
Chalk drawings on asphalt.

The rose bush.


Entertainment for children.

We're not the only ones on the walk.😊

That was such a walk!

Camera: Camera: Sony α7 III
Software: Lightroom

Original photos by @leylar


Hello dear friend @leylar good afternoon
You are privileged to have a place like this, without a doubt a beautiful park to walk and exercise your body while taking pictures of the beautiful vegetation
Great shots, I appreciate you showing us

Hello @jlufer! Thank you for the kind words

Well I hope you are safe after the air raid I hope that everybody is okay. what a beautiful place . I don't even know there's a park near me so I grew up going to Parks
I love how the flowers are blooming it's very nice place there from nature

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I am fine and safe, thank you for your empathy.
I'm inspired by flowers

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Such a beautiful park with the trees and flowers
glad you were able to enjoy it before the air raid sirens

Stay safe

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Thank you so much! I'm trying to be safe, but everything is so uncertain.
Sometimes the periods of calm are alarming.

I can only imagine how stressful it must be for you

А мы во время обстрелов никак не могли угадать, когда можно выйти на прогулку. У нас зачастую бывало так: я из лесу вышел и сразу зашёл 😂 точнее забежал. В магазин за продуктами перебежками получалось. Для меня петунии слишком сильные по запаху

Сильные по запаху петунии белого цвета, эти не очень🤔 Последняя неделя вся с частыми обстрелами. По пять раз на день, Вот и сегодня с раннего утра, несколько раз в день. Все же на прогулку выбрались😊

да, мы следим за ситуацией 😕 во время обстрелов мы стараемся прокладывать маршруты наших передвижений так, чтобы идти вблизи от убежищ. у нас есть 40 секунд с начала сирены, чтобы успеть добежать до укрытия. идете гулять, тоже прикидывайте заранее, куда бежать в случае обстрела, и корректируйте маршруты. берегите себя!