Kotor - Montenegro, fog and great company

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It's summer. You decide to travel and stay at a place by the sea, to enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the sea ... you have been there for more than a week already... everything is nice and quiet and good, but after a few days you start looking for additional activities to complete the time. Is this happening to you too? Maybe that searching for additional activities and walks and looking around is because I can enjoy sunbathing and sea almost all year round. Although it is all great, staying at the beach is not the main reason I would visit a coastal area and city. I will try to get the most of that place and its history, but also combine it with relaxing days of doing (almost) nothing.


The people you spend those holiday with is also important. Young people with a lot of energy and with whom you can have understanding and super vibes. It can be a niece and her friends? Yeah, why not? Trying not to act as a mom or an aunt. Yeah, for that too. Going to visit Kotor in Montenegro and climb the steps to the fortress, and there are over a thousand of them. Yeah, once again. That is an adventure you can have, even if you will be a bit exhausted after that. But that is nothing compared to the experience and the good time you can have. You just climb and laugh, and talk, and stop. Drink water. Continue and talk, and sing and joke around. Another stop. My knee hurts. You are old, auntie. No, I am not, so you see, I am not complaining anymore. And that way you continue and enjoy the company and ask yourself isn't life just great with all of these challenges you can experience? I can give a positive answer and if you would like to try the same, just find yourself a crazy niece (or two of them...and friends of them) and spend some days with them. You will see things differently, after just a few days of being together.


And then in one moment, you just realize there are no more stairs, no more climbing, you arrived at the top from where you can enjoy some excellent views. Even the day was a bit foggy, and the air was not so clean, still, you know that it was worthy of making every single step.




Once you get your energy and strength back, and you can breathe again with full lungs, deep and calm, you can go down, because the city itself, Kotor, is worth a visit. Old stone houses, narrow streets, cats ... an idyllic place to travel through time.

A view from a window...

Walls from another time...

The old part of the city of Kotor is a great place to visit, even if you have to sacrifice one day of your vacation in Montenegro. Ok, if you don't go for a detailed visit, and just walk in the city center, without climbing up to the fortress, it can be done in one morning. We had luck as the day was a bit foggy, and it was not so hot. But take care, have water with you as you never know if your adventurer side will ask you to do the same route as we did. Also, take care you have charged battery in your camera if you want to document your visit...and charged your phone too. If not, well... you will have to take the photos with your niece's phone. Still, I hope you can feel the vibes of these stone walls and the historical part of the city. I have visited Kotor already a few times and could do it a few times more. If you are looking also for some more artistic content, you can visit exhibitions, concerts and a music festival KotorArt held every summer.


If you just want to chill and have a nice lunch or drink, plenty of restaurants on various squares can serve your wishes. What is almost unbelievable is that one year we met in Kotor, while walking around, some friends from Belgrade. It was an unexpected meeting, but if you think better, it is a tourist place that many people visit during the summer. Now, my surprise maybe is not that strong, but at the moment it happened, for sure it was.


Streets, squares, churches...perfect for a morning walk...


For the end of this walk into the past, this church is showing itself. Its walls could tell us many stories, as it counts with one thousand years of existence. What would you ask if you would visit Kotor? Facts from history? Or stories of people who visited that place? I would opt for this second option...




That spot looks amazing. Those stairs do look like they would be challenging to climb but definitely worth the view once you reach the top. Even with the fog the photos are amazing looking. That old fortress wall is really neat looking.

Yes, sometimes we think it should be better not do some effort, like climbing so many stairs but afterward, we do not regret we did it. So many times I saw in your posts that you also made this kind of effort, ok, the 4 legged friend was not so happy maybe, but it was perfect scenery later to observe.

Such rugged and yet beautiful scenery well worth the hard climb up to enjoy the views, and then back down to explore such an interesting place

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Yes, the view was worth the climb up, even it was not a clear day, anyway the good company counts even more :))


This looks like an awesome place for a walk. I can't wait to get back into the world again. Norway is awesome but I want to see more of what's out there.

Yes, absolutely. It is one of the gems of Montenegro... when you can, visit Kotor. Also, Croatia and the whole Adriatic coast are worth visiting.
Norway is on my bucket list to visit one day :)

WOW, just WOW!
All of it. WOW.
I so have to go there!!!

A huge thank you @mipiano for giving me another stellar destination to add to my huge list of destinations in Spain!

And I send my warmest regards and biggest wishes that you, your family and friends have a wonderful, warm, safe and amazing new year filled with an abundance of love, peace, harmony, good health, much happiness and success!

With Love from Australia

Ow, thank you @chocolatescorpi for taking this walk with me, and for all your wishes, I wish you the same, a lot of peace, harmony and happiness in the new year!!!

For this destination, you will have to go not to Spain, but to Montenegro. This is a small country on the Adriatic coast, one of the former Yugoslavian states. :))

That's Ok, I will go there and everywhere too! 😃

You name it and it's on my list, country, continent, matter does it not! (one day anyway...) 😃


You name it and it's on my list, country, continent, matter does it not!


Hehehe, I will try to make then so many different destinations for my Wednesday walks... oops, no travel at the moment hahahha... So I have to go with Europe still :D :D

Happy New Year to you too dear @chocolatescorpi 🤗

Wow, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I loved going along for a walk here. 😊
Think I have to put on on my places to visit one day list.

Yes, it is beautiful, even more, when there is no fog and the view is more clear but anyway it was nice. Thanks for taking this walk with us @littlebee4 😇

I can imagine… 😊

One of the best places I've ever been and a nice moto trip around. Kotor bay is an effortless wow and the view from the top makes the Norwegian fjords look questionable.

Yay, how cool you visited it as well, and with you moto of course 😇
How were the roads in Montenegro? The very first time we went, we got lost in some no asfalt roads hahaha and no GPS signal in some places 😂

Roads are not Montenegro's strong point for sure but they can take you to nice places undoubtedly. When I was going from Tivat to Kotor the road was under construction. Still had a great time though - you can read my posts back in the day here

You are right, although they can be challenging, but they lead to nice places. We stayed in Tivat, from there also excursions with boat can be done. There was a small island that we visited and it was so nice 🙂

All the West Balkan coast is nice more or less.

I really like these places, they are so inspiring and when I visit places like this I feel like I travel back in time for some reason those places are full of a different energy, I don't know why, but when I have visited old places I feel like I travel back in time, what a nice place indeed and traveling with nephews is fun hehe so you will always keep a part of your life very jovial and full of energy, greetings my friend, I hope you keep doing tours like this and knowing more places, although I know you had gone there before, but traveling to new places is not too much, blessings and good vibes! @mipiano

Hey there @jaredkhamanah

Yes, you know, it is a way to keep me young LOL, in young company hehehe. They always have some crazy ideas and I fit them perfectly haha. The old cities and places like this are special, I love to walk among stone walls, and millennial buildings, like that church is. However, seeing them mixed with present and people living there and having their present life is even more exciting. It is mixing times :) Greetings to you too 😇

Imagine there was a slide going all the way down hahaha 🤣

Thanks for taking one for the team, for all of us! Lovely pics, and I enjoyed how you set up the pics! Nice flow!

Hahaha, that would be cool! But even better would climb up without efforts 🤣

Yeah, trying to organize the photos in the posts a bit differently, still trying out what is ok and what is not :)

Well you nailed this one! CHeers!

🙌 thanks

Cheers and have a great last day of the year tomorrow 🥂 :) Wishing you a great New 2022 year !!🎶😇

THanks!! CHeers to you, happy new year!

I laughed so hard reading the first part! 🤣
I really love your style of writing!
I love it when you say "combining it with doing (almost) nothing at all!" Actually doing nothing is doing something... that thing is just relax and follow the flow of the trip right? 😊

And this
"You are old, auntie. No, I am not, so you see, I am not complaining anymore" 🤣
I imagine myself saying such thing very soon too. And I'm 27 😆
It looks so beautiful up there regardless the fog!

Hahaha, yes, that part of doing nothing is something I am kind of a fight in, hahah 😂 , so I am emphasizing it as it is funny, it's a joke on my account actually 😅

Maybe you can be an aunt soon, but still you are way far away from being in my age so enjoy your 27 hehehehe. My niece is 21 and I really like to spend time with her, as we can understand each other better then she with her mom, or I with my son 😁

Thank you for stopping by and hugs to you and Cookie :-)

Aw you remember Cookie's name! You're the sweetest! 😍
I had no idea I'm sooooo much younger than you. But believe me I feel your great sense of humor and refreshing energy all the time and ages are just numbers!

Of course, I remember, the famous star Cookie :)))

Yep, the numbers are there just to remind us time is passing, but the real feel is what counts hehehehe 🤗

You making me feel like I'm 17 today and not 27! You da best! 😁😆😍🥰😘

hhehhe, that's perfect. Let us go back in time, both of us :))

Happy New Year dear @littlebeatle 🥂

A wonderful place with amazing scenery. I also like outdoor activities with like-minded people. Apparently your niece is very active and with her you can conquer any heights.💪 It was worth it to climb the high stairs for the splendid views. I really liked the architecture of this place. Cool trip, thanks for sharing.👍
Happy New Year.

Oh, like-minded people are always the best company hehehe and we are indeed like a soul mates, despite of the one generation difference. We also play together the piano, listen to music together, hang out on summer evenings, make puzzles, draw, things that usually I would do with friends but with that niece, all this is even funnier and better :))

Happy New Year to you too 🥂🎶🎶

The views look really imposing especially the walls. Thanks for sharing this. Did not expect Montenegro to be this interesting. The climb definitely seems worth it 😀

You are welcome :))

Yes, this place is a very nice one, I didn't go too much around Montenegro but several times we visited Tivat and Kotor, and the surrounding small villages. Thanks for stopping by 😇

What a post @mipiano ... !!! Such a great moment you have. Nice to read your post till the end. Hmm... Kotor, Montenegro. What a lovely place to visit. I'll be there (in day dreaming) one day ... hehehe!!! Have a good time friend 😁

Thank you @bobreza for taking this walk with me. Yes, Montenegro, a small country at the Adriatic sea. I hope your dreams (even if daydreaming) come true one day! Happy New Year :)))

Man that looks brilliant. I just LOVE European cities and towns steeped in history !!

1000 steps {breaks out into a sweat... feels jelly legs jitter} ... That climb is tough but sure looks worth the effort.

Have a great break !

Thanks, I am having a nice break, but this visit happened already some months ago, it was our summer :)

This place indeed is a nice one to visit. Now, after knowing this place from my post, when you come up to Italy, (or whatever at the end you decide to be the destination) you can easily visit Kotor too.

How goes your running thing? These steps will be easy for you :))

The plan is still Italy ... but being unvaxxed I not sure which route we ( I? ) will take.

How goes your running thing? These steps will be easy for you :))

Thanks for asking ... {smile} ... I have at least been consistent... every second day. At the end of each run I still feel totally exhausted... but I am hoping I am walking less. When we do a 5km time trial in 2 weeks time I will know. My 'benchmark' time trial done last week was 35 minutes ... slowest ever... BUT ... I oldest EVER, fattest ever {grin}..

But indeed the plan is to be in as best of shape as possible when we arrive in Europe because we never do tourist busses or tour groups. We walk 10 hours a day and explore... frequently getting lost but that is okay. We have seen some amazing places and met many good people in this manner. All good memories !!

Oh my, @themagus, I missed this comment of yours, sorry for the delay.

You will be doing great. with the activities you started, 10 hours of walking will be easy hehehehe. Getting lost is cool actually, when walking... when we talk about getting lost while driving, oh, that is not the most fun thing ;D

Montenegro is high on my list of to-see places. 😍 A fascinating little country, and it looks so 'old'. But I don't want to do the tourist type of thing, was thinking of cycling and staying there a few weeks. In my experience one only get to know a country if you stay there a few weeks, PLUS having a purpose for being there. That's when one looks back at it with nostalgia after a few years. Maybe go try and find a rare fossil there or a treasure hunt or something. 😁

Your plan sounds fantastic, to avoid the very busy places. Though, have in mind that not all the roads are great, in rural areas :)
I agree that some weeks are needed to know a bit better the place, we went just for summer vacation, but no cycling. Hahah, wow, searching for fossils also sounds exciting! Your visit to Montenegro will be an adventure, I can already see :))

I've done several countries in Africa, the worse a road is the more it's off the beaten track. 😁 I once came across a little town, complete with a post office, double-storey school, and around 20 houses... all deserted in a hurry, as if a plague hit the town. Yet the town had no name, and I could not find out anything about it. Weird and spooky, with not a soul around in a radius of 50 kilometers.

Well, then no worries for you in Montenegro, you will fly with your bike 😁
Seems like a ghost town that you stumbled upon with. Could be a great documentary or a thriller movie made upon a story ...
Btw, do you use to document somehow you traveling adventures? There would be interesting stories to share, I suppose

Not documenting my travels yet, lost a fortune of photos, it's still a sore point with me. I'm planning on traveling extensively again within this year, as soon as I figured out the pandemic rules. I can see myself leopard crawling over a border somewhere at night. 🤣 Actually, I have done it before, but it was an emergency I had to attend as part of work.

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