A walk in the New Year Fountain... #TheLongestTrip // I'm at this moment

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New Year's Cesme is extremely festive and atmospheric!




Fate brought me here again, two months later. That's why I was happy to walk here, photographing the central old street, discovering new faces...




This time I settled on the other side of the castle. The days have already become colder, although the daytime temperature was still 16 degrees Celsius, the nights are already a cold 8 degrees Celsius. But I still invited my girls for a walk, although Victoria resisted, as she does not like the cold :)




At first it was still light and I looked at the old houses with interest. Some of them are already in need of restoration, some have already become ruins ... But most of them are in excellent condition, showing the unique face of Cesme. I call this city Greek Turkey. Because the architecture is very similar to some of the ancient villages of the island of Chios, which is only half an hour away by ferry.



I stop at a luxurious house, which probably belonged to some noble nobleman in the old days! Now a luxury hotel is located here!



We walk a few hundred meters and the familiar old Chesme castle, illuminated by the rays of the setting sun, meets me again. I lived near the castle for two months in autumn and I will write about its history later.



And then we will walk along the main part of the central street, where the most cafes, restaurants, the House of Culture are located... Life is always raging here! I wonder what Cesme is like this New Year's time!?




There are improvised Christmas trees along the street. This is the first time in my life that I found myself on New Year's in a country where bright oranges hang on the trees next to the Christmas trees, like Christmas decorations :)




We took a walk on the embankment, where several stray dogs are always sleeping on the grass, basking in the still warm sun! Turkey is a country where street cats and dogs are fed and happy :)




In the evening, we returned to the festive main street of the city to enjoy the festive New Year's atmosphere!




You feel this unique spirit of Christmas, which in every country is filled with happiness, carelessness, peace, love and gratitude... I want to say: stop a moment - it look like a magical fairy tale!





the #wednesdaywalk initiated by @tattoodjay :)


This post is written about where I am now. But I'll be back to telling my travel story, sequentially describing all the places I changed in my #TheLongestTrip

I thank everyone for your support ❤️


Very true when you call it Greek Turkey, because the first impression I had was that it has an architectural style with more influences in the various places where you moved. Very beautiful and characteristic.

Previously, the Greek city of Krini (Greek: Κρήνη) was located here.
Walking here, you can really feel the influence of the architectural style of ancient Greece, which I saw on the island of Chios and in Athens.

I share! Between Europe and North Africa, you can find many cities where you can still see the ancient architectural influence of the great empires of the past, such as the Greek, Egyptian and Roman ones. I find it very nice to discover.

Cesme is the first place I've visited outside Greece on my motorcycle. It can get VERY windy around there so hope you missed such situations.
I remember that I saw a house on the South end of Cesme that had an aquarium instead of a fence so I browsed my pictures and found it - look at that:
Looks weird? Sure does and things felt even weirder when I saw a Porsche parked outside with number plates reading "RAT". So I just took the above picture and left the place 🙂
It was very windy, I had fever and the trip back to Chios Greece was terrible. That little ship was shaking like crazy and everyone was vomiting. Except me but I was really close to do so as I was sick. Still don't know how I managed not to but I recall I went to the toilet for a while just in case I won't be able to handle it anymore.
Take care!

Yes, of course I saw this fenced aquarium, where many fish swim! As for the windy climate, this is a significant disadvantage of the Aegean Sea in Cesme. Doesn't Anavysos, where you are now, have a similar climate? That is why we prefer the Mediterranean Sea in Kemer. But I observe an interesting thing: it was very windy in Cesme in October. But in January the sea is calm and there are no winds!


That is so interesting to see the difference between then and now. They put blocks in front of the aquarium so now the local gangster can't park his car haha.
Anavyssos is similar. This year we have the most warm and windless winter I ever remember by far and I guess it must be the same for you there so it's a special year much different than usual.

This is a special blessing for me. I thank God, whose love and care I feel throughout my journey!

Wonderful street photo story! Thanks for sharing it, @olga.maslievich.

Taking photos of houses is my hobby :)
Thank you for your visit @zorank

I really enjoyed your walk, I visited the fountain, I read with pleasure thanks to you, the photos are excellent, thank you, I am waiting for your articles, I always really enjoy

I love Cesme so much! I feel at home here. There are so many soul memories of a dear friend here...

You have shared with us very great and amazing places. Your city is very beautiful and the building designs are also very beautiful. Walk is very important for our health. New year is decorated in a very cute way in your city. Everyone is busy in their daily activities. Turkey is a very beautiful country. I will visit it one day and see it with my own eyes .

I am glad that my photos were able to convey the beauty of this place for you! Turkey is truly a country worth exploring. Many historical places and natural beauty!

Yeah i love to see natural beauty and cool places.

Looks like a lovely place - and I love seeing all of the oranges on the trees - thats pretty cool !!!!

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It is called bitter orange "🍊 portakal" - these fruits on street trees. That is why no one breaks them. They are like decorations on the streets :)

It is so normal that the two places look alike, being very close to each other. Chios is called Gum Island by Turks. It is obviously a popular destination for Turks, but the demand might have been decreased due to the pandemic and crisis. I think for a Turk to step on the island would be cost more than 100 Euro as it is just visa fee.

I believe that the island of Chios should be Turkey rather than Greece! But it is not fair that Turks have to pay to go there. Turks should be able to go to this island on preferential terms!

If it was not part of EU, this might be as you said.

I wish you a happy new year. A very beautiful place. Also, I was mostly thinking about orange trees, because we don't really have any. Very expensive here. So you are a very good photographer.

Thank you, I'm glad you like my photos. Orange trees are exotic to me too! They don't grow in my native Ukraine :)

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A lovely walk, love looking at all the buildings some in great shape some needing work for sure

Love the light on the castle

Thanks for joining the Wednesday, its always fun for me to visit the walks from all around the world, getting a feel for communities where people live and what they see on their daily walks

It was really a great pleasure for me to celebrate Christmas in Cesme. Unlike the windy October, I discovered with joy that January is warm and windless. That's why I enjoy walking among these small, beautiful houses in the rays of the evening sun. I'm glad you enjoyed walking with me!

yeah the wind can really make walking not so much fun

Скільки яскравих святкових кольорів, а місце, де ви зупинилися, дійсно розкішне, Олю!!! Світлтни просто заворожують, окрім тих, де будівлі розвалені!))))

Дякую Валю. Я була трохи прихворіла, не відповіла на коменти відразу. Так, містечко Чешме справді чарівне. Я відкрила для себе те, що тут виявилась дивовижно затишна казкова Різдвяна атмосфера!

The street looks so beautiful to walk at. The houses, even the old ones still look beautiful. It must be great walking on this street in the New Year.

Are passersby free to pick the oranges? You're right they look like decorations in front of the buildings.

There are different orange trees in Turkey. Usually those that grow on the street, they are not tasty. Some other kind. Very sour. No one touches them :)

Oh, this is my first time hearing this.

Ahhh so that's why those orange trees still have their fruits there coz no one's picking them. Well, they are good decorations there.😊

I love seeing your walks around such gorgeous old streets!

Wow when you look at that building and see all of the rocks that it has been built with, then you can just imagine how old it really is..sort of..

And those dogs, they are such gorgeous mixes.
I would take all of them home with me if I could.
So as much as they're all fed well, who takes them and pays their vet bills when they get sick?

Turkey is a wonderful country where all people look after cats and dogs. They look clean and happy here. They live outdoors, they sleep on grass... But think about it, sometimes they go to malls and they sleep under clothes... and no one drive away them :)

So sorry about my delay in responding!

I am so happy to hear that all of the stray animals are looked after so well there- especially the dogs as in many countries with a certain religion that I shall not name, they are actually not looked after at all, infact they are vilified and people of that religion believe that these animals are dirty and so do not deserve to live, therefore they are very cruelly treated by these people- so they will die....

So yes another great reason that I can't wait to get to Turkey!

The place is vibing. With the sun rays over the building, the colorful city looks perfect. Great walk.

It is really very exotic - the city of Chesme.
Thank you for your visit!

nice place what country is it?

Turkey. I call this part of Turkey - Greek Turkey :)

I look forward to seeing more photos

hey what a nice place
greetings from venezuela

Happy new year maam ,what a beautiful place ,amazing😍😍😍

And I congratulate you! All the best to you in the New Year!

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