Lagos is Busy

Lagos is the centre of Excellence by slogan. Believe it or not they are really the centre of what they are being call. No matter what business you choose to venture into in as much as it is Lagos there is market for you. There is enough people to buy whatever business you deal in.

The only downside is the traffic congestion. Very unpredictable, as you cam pass through a particular road right now and in five minutes time you might encounter traffic more than you can imagine. This can really slow down activity. Whenever am leaving the house to the office I always include two hours for traffic. This is basically a norm for every Lagosian.

Whenever Lagosians see free road as this their heart is always filled with joy because it is a sign that you will get to your destination on time. Time is a vital part of any business, you will agree with me that when we get to destination on time then we can carry out normal business activity on time and return to our family on time.


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