My Wednesday walk is worth it

Sometimes in life we have to take a strong step in making the right decision. My #Wednesdaywalk is at Iyana Ipaja Lagos. I sometimes wonder why some cities that has been in existence since the existence of the state ( Lagos) still look this old and rough. It is very disappointing that a place like this still exist in a very popular city like Iyana Ipaja.

Sometimes citizens of a particular community have the low way of thinking by waiting for the government. Obviously, the government should provide good road network and other social amenities. However, waiting for the government can take much more longer than expected.

I saw this tree and the hole in it is shocking. I inserted a stick and the next thing is ants trooping out. I guess they used the opportunity of the hole to make a home for themselves.

All photographs taken my me
Using Samsung A22
sharp camera 📷 you will never regret.