The Popular Part of Ikeja

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This is Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria. This popular area is called Ikeja under bridge. This is one of the busiest part of Lagos mainland because it is very close to Lagos State Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), as well as the city of gadget as I call it(Computer Village). Lots of landmark around this vicinity, we also have the Lagos High Court as well as Police college just five minutes walk from this under bridge. You can picture how busy this environment will be in terms of human passing by as well as driving by as it is also a route to Murtala Muhammed International airport.


One side of the road looks really busy for there seems to be heavy traffic there.

It is one of the busiest city in the state.

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Wait until night time before you see how busy Ikeja is.. Especially when there is no bus and one has to trek. I once work at Oba akran road very close to Ikeja under bridge

Traffic is a normal way of life for Lagosians

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It is what is it
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