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RE: The Silver Lining amongst fire and covid. hehe

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This Wednesday Walk is nothing short of spectacular. The mountains and valleys take my breath away. Truly majestic in all their beauty. Mother Nature just invites us into her fold, doesn't she? you know how much I love the mountains. Yosemite is definitely on my list for when we do California one day! For me it will definitely be a summer visit 😎Your pics are awesome and I guess for now I just have to dreem 😍Am I likely to encounter any bears or dangerous reptilian creatures out there? 😂😜So pleased you had such a lovely day out in the park; a welcome relief from the trials of the last month or so I am sure.


you know where to come!!!!! :) hehehehe

and its ok to dreem! hahaha i'm dreeming something pretty sweet - and praying that it will come to happen! hahahahaha

bears - you can - but they are usually VERY scared of people and will run their cute fluffy butts away. seriously, i used to be terrified of seeing them - and then i did. and i was like awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww they're so cute!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

reptiles - snakes. but rare to see them, and you can just be aware. rattlers usually let you know when you're near..hahaha

thank you for enjoying my day with me!! it really was so welcome after all those trials! LOLOLOL

💗 hey, I've seen pics of those cute fluffy 1/4 ton Teddies. Believe me, I think I'd be a bit freaked, although if I was a safe distance away I'd be ok... but I know you can't outrun one of those glorious creatures. ...don't put me off pleez ha ha ... I guess it's all about being sensible, right?! Gotta keep focussed on the big picture 💗🙏

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLl yeah i guess i should say - i was in the car in BOTH times i saw them. so... yeah - i probably would feel the same if i was seeing them face to face hahahahahaha

though i've heard of some who have - and the bears STILL run away hahahaha like - IN TERROR. they just do not like humans heheheh

i guess mommas with cubs would be different

and rattlers - shhhhh did i say rattlers??? nahhhh nope nope nope LOL

Keep that dreem alive my friend. You know it will come to fruition. Whatever it is. I know it has to be special ... and therefore it has to "become". It's the way of things...

everyday - i pray over it, research, talk to people, and wait with great expectation! hehehehe

but i believe it's going to happen! well, i actually know that it will - but WHEN.

i want it to happen next year. when i KNOW it will in my heart (even before i have the money...) when i have the faith - then I'll step out and announce it and just sit back and giggle with delight as I watch God take us through it! hehehehehehehe

!LUV this💗and oh just for the hell of it... !PIZZA

hahahahaha mmmmm gluten free pizza hahahahahahaha

lols it looked amazing tbh. I half expected him to spit it out as there are only a couple I have come across in my short time being vegan (4.5 years now; previously vegetarian since birth) that were ok. He loved it!!!😄