A Second New-to-Me Trail at Farragut State Park

In mid-September I took the aging dog along for another walk at Farragut State Park. This time I tried out a different lake shore trail than the one I usually use.


I decided to the the lower trail first, and maybe return on the upper trail.


So off we went, with the dog stopping to sniff every bush and blade of grass along the way.


The views of Lake Pend Oreille were stunning, as usual.


Few wildflowers were blooming at that time of year, but I did see some Bachelor's Buttons along the way. A light breeze made photography tricky.


Look closely, and you can see a few ducks in the water. It looks as if somebody strategically placed rocks to make a little pool near the shore. Perhaps a child was playing there with a toy boat.


At this point it looked as if the lower trail might peter out, so I climbed these stairs to see where they lead. I found a few picnic tables and access to the upper trail.


The upper trail was much wider and spread with gravel, probably for the convenience of mountain bicycles. I don't think a wheelchair would do well on that rough surface.


Mullein grows abundantly along the slope next to the path.


I was carrying a trail map with me this time. According to the map, the numbers on the posts were trail intersections. Unfortunately, none of the posts along the way had numbers that matched the map. Eventually I realized my map was over 10 years old, and the numbers had probably been changed. Knowing the dog and I are good for about a mile's walk I didn't want to make the complete loop, and was pleased when I finally found a sign pointing me back to the lower trail. I had been mistaken when I thought it ended near those stairs, but this one little stretch was not at all appealing!


The lake has eroded the bank here, leaving a very narrow path. A younger person would not have even hesitated, but I used great caution walking through this stretch of path. It was just wide enough for me to stand with my feet side by side. The dog wasn't bothered at all, of course.


When I reached the bottom of the steps once again, I took another picture looking back the way I had come. I never tire of the views of that beautiful lake.

All photos taken on my Android phone.

Thanks to @tattoodjay for the Wednesday Walk challenge!


I love that trail! Okay, I love all the trails in Farragut, but the Shoreline Trail is so pretty! I usually walk to the boat launch and then head up and around the day use area, so glad you and the aging dog had time for a stroll😊


Yes, that's the route I usually take, too, sometimes starting at the day use area if my knees are in the mood for those steps. Thought I'd try someplace new this time!


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