Wednesday Walk On the harbor walk, shots other than birds ;)

Wednesday Walk On the harbor walk, shots other than birds ;)

This post if for Wednesday walk challenge And Make me Smile Collaboration challenge, initially our collaboration was once a month but due to the popularity of it we have decided to make the collab a weekly thing :)

Any questions about the challenge read the guide at the Bottom of the post ;)

For this week, I am finally feeling over the allergies and a lot better, have been out for a few walks including sunrise walks and a one trail walk, so much in fact I haven't had time to edit the photos I have taken in the last week, so going back a week or two for this post

These shots are from a visit to the Harbor walk and walking along the shore out towards Palmers island, I was there to get shots of birds, and did get a few, but I have shared plenty of bird photo posts so I thought I would share some other shots while watching for birds to fly by.

I wasn't the only one out taking photos that morning I saw this guy taking photos from another part of the hurricane barrier wall

WW while watching the Osprey-7.jpg

Sony A7iv 600mm F6.3 1/3200 ISO 1250
Click here to view larger

Now the settings for these shots weren't ideal for this style of photography, but I kept the camera on the settings incase a bird fly by, just turned and shot these shots quickly and went back to watching the air for birds flying by
I noticed this pellet that had washed ashore, covered with a bit of seaweed, I wonder where it came from

WW while watching the Osprey-1.jpg

Sony A7iv 234mm F5.6 1/3200 ISO 6400
Click here to view larger

A nice boat heading out to the ocean, and with the setting I had on the camera also got the seagull flying by overhead

WW while watching the Osprey-2.jpg

Sony A7iv 600mm F6.3 1/3200 ISO 800
Click here to view larger

The Buzzards Bay Rowing club were out on the water that morning

WW while watching the Osprey-3.jpg

Sony A7iv 600mm F6.3 1/3200 ISO 1600
Click here to view larger

Another one of the rowing club boats

WW while watching the Osprey-4.jpg

Sony A7iv 600mm F6.3 1/3200 ISO 1000
Click here to view larger

And I spotted this Southern airline flying out, Probably heading to Nantucket or Marthas Vineyard I guess

WW while watching the Osprey-5.jpg

Sony A7iv 600mm F6.3 1/3200 ISO 200
Click here to view larger

Not the greatest of shots, but something about this one I like the silhouette of a fishing boat as it passed through the glistening water from the still rising sun

WW while watching the Osprey-8.jpg

Sony A7iv 600mm F6.3 1/3200 ISO 200
Click here to view larger

Now taking photos of people isn't something I often to, But I guess using a 600mm zoom I don't feel so bad as here is the other photographer I saw that morning again, complete with two cameras

WW while watching the Osprey-6.jpg

Sony A7iv 600mm F6.3 1/3200 ISO 1000
Click here to view larger

and finishing off with this guy out early fishing from the side of the hurricane barrier wall

WW while watching the Osprey-9.jpg

Sony A7iv 600mm F6.3 1/3200 ISO 4000
Click here to view larger

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Wednesday Walk is a challenge started by me, the idea is to get out for a short walk and get some shots of what you can see within a short distance of your home office or wherever you start. And this is my entry for this week, but first, let me explain the challenge.

This is my post for the Wednesday Walk challenge hosted by myself, let me first explain the guidelines

Try and get out once a week for a short walk, can be from your office, home or anywhere really and walk for a few blocks or a few minutes looking for things to get shots of.

Your walk does not have to be on a Wednesday I just ask if possible to share your walk photos on a Wednesday.

Try and get a few shots not just one

Add a bit of a write up about where you walked

Just one Wednesday Walk tagged post a week

You can look for anything in general or decide on one subject you want to get shots off.

Make a point of looking around and up and see what you can find to get shots of that otherwise you may miss

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I hope a few of you may find this an interesting challenge and decide to join in.

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

Wednesday walk footer.jpg

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Your shots are so amazing as usual 🔥
The other photographer was so prepared with 2 cameras 😆

And thanks for the prize! Was not expecting it ☺️

thanks so much
I sometimes think on my walks I should take two cameras, but i generally only do that if photographing an event or parade which I havent done for a couple of years

Most welcome ;)

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What a picturesque place to exist! Beautiful photos. We live close to the water to (for us it's the ocean) and I wouldn't change it for anything.

YEs the ocean here as well and I to love living by the ocean

Standing rocks in first photo look like Massachusetts stone henge 😁 Pallet obviously came from China like everything else. Interesting to see a rowing club out in a whaling boat. I expected a rowing shell. I suppose the whaling boats are a nod to the whaling history of the area.

Indeed Stonehenge or as I call it the great Wall LOL
Shows how little I know about boats I didnt know it was a whaling boat but yes no likely a tribute to the whaling history of this area

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Yes a zoom does give one more the feel that they can photograph people , tho everyone is on camera so often now I'm not sure if people even notice. A walk in any city and you're basically being filmed all the time.

A lovely collection of photos per usual @tattoodjay and happy you are sharing the beauty that we are lucky to experience in real life. It is a magical time in our part of the world, early Summer.

I Love the boat of the rowing club.

Happy #wednesdaywalk

Thanks for your visit, and yes so many people these days are so focused on whats going on on their mobile devices they have no idea what is going on around them, let alone someone taking a photo of them

Ohh yes it so nice out these days caught a glorious sunrise this morning :)

For me the best one is the one with the pellet. Most people would just pass it. The second one is with the boat and the reflections on the water. Thanks for sharing this walk!

Thanks for your feedback, I liked the pallet pone myself but didnt think others would appreciate it, so its nice to get this feedback

Good morning and happy Wednesday, good that your allergy are passing, to feel a little bad at the time of taking those photos made them very well.

Of all your pictures my favorites were the ones of the board full of seaweed, look closely it looks like an oil painting, I also liked the one of the fisherman because of the stones and the contrast of colors of the red coat and the blue tuff.

Thanks for sharing and for keeping this challenge, today I join you with a cold walk through some very nice hills, I hope you join me. @tattoodjay

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Thanks for sharing your link here and also for your feedback I always appreciate hearing which photos people prefer ;)

It is good to know that you are over allergies. I wondee if allergies are wide spread accross the globe. At my place as well, flu and cough are not leaving us.

I loved the photo of pallet and that of aeroplane ✈

I really enjoy your photos. Great shots as always! Here's my post for today :)

Thank you and thanks for dropping your link here

No problem :) Cheers!

have a great day :)

So you've had some company on this walk...another photographer...

I love the photos of all the boats. Especially the silhouette of the fishing's amazing!

thanks for your visit and feedback,
Was cool to see another photographer out and about I seldom see others taking photos here

Was cool to see another photographer out and about I seldom see others taking photos here

I can believe you👍

Locked and loaded ready to get out now feeling a tad better which is good to hear JJ.

Lighthouse photography always attracts photographers at different times of the day, the pallet drenched with seaweed made for a thoughtful post, where it arrived from.

Wishing you a wonderful day, take care and thanks for sharing.

I am guessing the pallet fell off a ship but i guess we will never know

I am being sensible and check out an allergy app I have and when tree and grass pollen is high I avoid parks and trails and head to a beach :)

you to have a wonderful day

Not the greatest of shots? That silhouette shot is amazing. Probably my favorite of all the ones you shared today! I am glad that your allergies are under control. I know how horrible that can be.

thanks so much I know sometimes I can be a bit critical of myself

I am watching an allergy app and if its a day like today when tree pollen is high I head for beach walks and stay away from the parks and trees

We still have that white stuff floating around and all over the yard. Usually it is gone by now, but the lack of rain has been keeping mobile I think.

WOW still

not here summer is full force now in the 80s

Oh, sorry, no. I didn't mean snow, I meant the white pollen that floats around in the spring :)

NO I am sorry that should have bene obvious to me I clearly had a brainfade LOL

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That is rather odd that a pallet shows up on the shores, isn't it? They usually put landscape materials or other products on them when storing or delivering. Maybe it was on a ship?

Did you use the 600 today? That has got to be heavy!! I know that you carry a couple of lenses! Building better arms muscles every day! Ha! You caught another photographer in action. That could be you! Someone probably has you in their frames too. :)

You can take birds all day long, I love them and never tire of them.

Southern is back!! They left for a bit, but, last month came back! Used to do the Nantucket run. Woo-hoo!

I like the shot of the guy fishing. I bet those barriers get slick from time to time, but, it never stops anyone from using them. :) I hope he catches some good ones!

Happy #WednesdayWalk! A wonderful array of photos! Thanks!

I to guessed the pellet fell off a ship its the most likely scenario

Yes these were all taken with the 200-600 lens, and indeed it is a heavy beast to walk with, I used to think it was too heavy for anything other than a short walk but not finding it so bad these days, but that could be because the virtual workouts I am doing have really built up my arm muscles LOL

ITs not often I see other photographers out here, I know theres a few but seldom see them, when I lived in Milford there was a whole bunch of us and I would often see one or more on most morning walks

and yes probably people have taken photos of me out walking about without a doubt

Very cool photos and the rocks along the shore line are amazing.

This is my participation, thank you :)

Thanks so much

thanks also for sharing your link here

I so love the first shot with the photographer in it. The scenery… the blurred background the photographer, perfect shot. Beautiful @tattoodjay 😎
But I’m impressed with the selection you show us today. They all are stunning in every level. Hard to choose just one favourite.
Thank for that. I enjoyed reading and viewing your post.
Good to hear about the allergies. Yay…

My Wednesday Walk post… a cemetery with an inspirational story… 😉
Walk around the Greyfriars Kirkyard - Cemetery in Edinburgh Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Any J.K. Rowling fans out there? 😎

Thanks its not often I see other photographers out and about here, where i lived previously in CT most mornings I would bump into a few other photographers out there

I check the allergy app I have on my phone each morning, if like today tree and grass pollen is high I head toa beach and get fresh air there :)

Will visit your post soon :)

You are welcome. Yes, that’s interesting. In Connecticut you did but where you are now not. Maybe new people are checking out the area. 😉🤓

Good choice than to get some relief along the water… fresh air coming in.
Thank you kindly @tattoodjay 👋🏻😎

yeah I do find it interesting when this is a much bigger city, but I dont mind I do like the peace and quiet when hardly or no one is there in the mornings

That is interesting indeed, even a bigger city. Cool 😎
Yes, it’s nice to be able to wander around almost alone… peaceful and perfect start of a day 😁

I do love having my morning walks all to myself I guess that means I am antisocial,
this morning was a good one, I saw three police offices parked by one of the beaches, I guess a nice spot to relax and enjoy the sunrise while waiting for a call, and one person on the beach, taking photos with their cell phone, but he was only there for a few minutes then I had it all to myself

Yes me too. I tend to avoid people. But that doesn’t mean we are antisocial. We just want some alone time, and photos without people in it hehe 😉
That sounds like a perfect spot to wait for a call. Looking out, seeing the sunset. Such a life 😎
Have a wonderful day today @tattoodjay 👋🏻
Tonight I’m off to Paris for 5 days, so if I go quite… you know why 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻✈️

Well in My case I think I am a bit anti social, or perhaps shy may be a better word, I really only like being with groups of people if they are ones I know well, otherwise if out somewhere with a big group most of who I dont know I will hide away in the corner happily people watching and keeping to myself lOL

Have a great time in Paris :)

Hello dear friend @tattoodjay good morning
It is good to know that you are better from your allergy, and that you have been able to go for a walk. You have taken beautiful shots on your walk, I love the place you have visited, the tranquility of the place is appreciated
Have a beautiful day

Thanks so much, I am being sensible on days the allergy count for grass and trees is high I stay away from parks and trails

Glad to hear you are feeling better Jay.
I like the look of the hurricane barricades, it is a great colour of stone. We have similar here, but is for beach erosion, and mainly made of concrete.
I actually had a walk today here

I am being sensible in the morning I check what the allergy levels are like and if tree and grass is high I head to a beach for sunrise instead of going to a park or trail

I do think the hurricane barriers look cool and its great they have added walking paths on top of some of them

thanks for sharing your link

Sometimes having a second camera with me would be handy, but I don't think I would ever want to carry that extra weight with me, and maybe I might forget which camera has which settings or lens on and miss a shot that I could have taken when having only one camera with me 😂

I love the photo with the pellet - it looks cool, JJ 😀

!WINE makes a delicious dinner with !PIZZA :)

I thought the pellet was cool but was not sure what others would think of it, but many have commented they really liked that one which I find cool

I kept my A7III and will use it if I go to an event or a parade, and sometimes wish I had it with me on beach walks but like you theidea of the extra weight puts me off

Cheers and !BEER

I like the colours and textures in this photo, and it's something you don't see every day - cool find 👍

Sometimes I wished I still had my M50, which with a mounted lens was lighter than a lens of the EOS R, but I am sure I would always take the R with me.

Maybe you like a !PIZZA fresh from the Oven 😋

thanks, I looked for it today and its not there, I wonder if someone picked it up or the tide moved it elsewhere

Maybe you like a !PIZZA fresh from the Oven 😋

I think it has searched another nice place to pose for a photo 😉

Maybe you like a !PIZZA fresh from the Oven 😋

Perhaps it did, but it cant have liked that spot, it was back this morning about 50 feet from where it was last time

Cheers and !BEER

Maybe the people there have photographed it with a Nikon and that's why it came back 😂 !LOLZ

Cheers and !BEER

If you ever get the chance to go to India
You have to try their New Delhi

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Hi! All the shots are amazing as usual, but I especially love those of the rowing club boats. Have a lovely evening :)

Here is my post for today's Wednesday Walk

thanks for your visit and for sharing your link

You are welcome, my pleasure

As always amazing pictures and that sounds like a nice morning walk, the guy with the two cameras looks like he was waiting on the birds too and some great horizon pictures. As always thank you for sharing and keep enjoying your week.

thanks so much I did actually talk to him for a little bit, he was there taking photos of the fishing boats

you to have a good week

Always amazing shots @tattoodjay. Especially by the water.

Thank you so very much for selecting my post and always your amazing support.

I'll never get tired of your photos, they are art!. here's my entry, I accidentally didn't select the community, but here it is anyways :(

thanks so much

and no probably forgetting the community I have done that myself lOL

Thanks for sharing your link, I will go and check it out now

Oh I love these photos, @tattoodjay. One of my favorites is the one of the boat with the seagull. The striated sections of water in different colors is spectacular. Another favorite is the silhouette boat. That is absolutely cool! What do you mean it's not the greatest?

Thank you, as always, for hosting Wednesday Walk! Here's my post for the week:

Thanks so much appreciate the feedback, I guess sometimes I may be over critical of my photos LOL

thanks for sharing your link here