A tale of three churches for St Andrew's Day 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 in Scotland

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Hello Walkers and Hivians

Today is 30th of November 2022 and that is St Andrew's Day.

Saint Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 which as you may well know where I am from.

FunFact...Saint Andrew's Day is celebrated as the national day of Independence in Barbados.

And so I thought that it would be rather fitting to share my walk from last Friday around Kirkcaldy in the Scottish Kingdom of Fife.

This going to be a tale of three churches from my walk!


However this walk post is not about why Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, I will post about that later.


My Friday actually started with a COVID booster injection and as a wee treat, we headed off to have a cooked breakfast in a nearby pub.


For those in the UK they might recognise the crockery as being from Wetherspoons and you would be right!

Sufficiently fed and coffeed and having shopped right before we ate, it was time for the walk home and as it was such a gorgeous sunny day, I suggested a different route home, as I always wanted to see this church.


You can see the gorgeous blue autumnal sky, hard to believe that is nearly December, although most of the trees have shed their leaves..

As a reference we had come up this street.


Now going back to the church, this is the first church in my tale of three churches, and I think you will see in the new couple of pictures why it reminds me of a castle like structure and as I know the wonderful @lhes loves castles even though she has not seen one, think of this as my first post towards showing castles...

The street we just climbed walked up is called Kirk Wynd, with Kirk being the Scots word for Church, so any prizes for guessing what the church is called?

Did I hear you say Old Kirk ... I did? Woohoo you got it right!


You might be able to see some fencing down at the bottom of the oicture, that is because there has been work going on with revoating the tower for much of the year. Indeed it was only recently that all the scaffolding was taken down, unfortunately access is still restriced and so were my pictures :(


It didn't help that I had not brought my camera, as well we had no intention of going on a photographic walk!

Of course as soon as access is restored, then I shall be back with my 📷!

So we shall move on from the Old Kirk with one more picture of the tower where it really looks castlesque.


They did have a picturesque graveyard, but it is easier to access the graveyard in church 3 as you shall see later on!


Across the road a hundred yards away is the second church and in it's grounds are


some Hydrangeas hanging on for dear life .. I hope that @dswigle will correct me if I misidentified this #alwaysaflower flowering bush, welcome back by the way Denise 😃.


Yes there was a bizarre little metal playground and yes of course I stood on the metal beam that is fluffing narrow by the way and yes the chains move and Yes I nearly fell on my arse 🤣 and was suitably scolded!


The structure is pretty large, and I a sucker for spires!


The church is called St Bryce Kirk, see we say Kirk again!


Apparently they food is pretty good, but as it is only open from Monday to Thursday I have never had the chance to go there, maybe in 2023, we shall see!

Funfact...St Brycedale Church was opened on Thursday 17 March 1881, and since then, there have been only eight ministers serving in St Brycedale. How impressive is that, 8 ministers in 140 years!! The reason that is now St Bryce Kirk is that in November 2000, the congregations of St Brycedale Church and Kirkcaldy Parish Church united to become St Bryce Kirk.

source St. Bryce Kirk.


The Kirk is on a corner plot, so that is the front of the Kirk on St Brycedale Ave and where it took its original name from.


There was a walk up to the third and final church on the walk home, which took us under the railway track.


We turned onto Abbotshall Road and there was Abbotshall Church

It is a bit of a hotchpotch of buildings with bits and pieces from the last few centuries...

I did mention earlier about the graveyard.


They have many fascinating graves and war graves too. Do you see the discolouring of the closest tombstone?


We shall finish the walk with a sad piece of history and with a reminder that Life is Short, so make the most of it and enjoy it...

WW30Nov3marjorie fleming.jpg

Marjorie Fleming (also spelt Marjory; 15 January 1803 – 19 December 1811) was a Scottish child writer and poet. She gained appreciation from Robert Louis Stevenson, Leslie Stephen, and possibly Walter Scott.

Marjorie spent most of her sixth, seventh and eighth years in Edinburgh under the tutelage of a cousin, Isabella Keith, who was about 17.

Marjorie is best remembered for a diary that she kept for the last 18 months of her life. Diary keeping by children was encouraged in the United Kingdom throughout the 19th century. (A notable published example from a generation later is that of the English girl Emily Pepys.)

The manuscripts of her writings are now kept in the National Library of Scotland. However, for fifty years after her death they remained unpublished. The first account of her, with long extracts from the journals, was given by a London journalist, H. B. Farnie, in the Fife Herald, and then reprinted as a booklet entitled Pet Marjorie: a Story of Child Life Fifty Years Ago.

She really was a remarkable child and passed away at the age of 8. Her story is quite fascinating and the above excerpts are sourced from wikipedia


This is my contribution to #wednesdaywalk from the terrific @tattoodjay

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of your day!


All images and ramblings are from me, the mad Scotsman TengoLoTodo unless otherwise stated.
@tengolotodo November 30th 2022


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You're welcome @tengolotodo! Have a nice day 😊👍

You're welcome @tengolotodo! Have a nice day 😊👍

Oh thanks for the tour Kuya!I almost say take me there when once it is open to public.🤣. Haha, if only Scotland was in the next town, I would surely pays a visit.

See? Maybe in past life I was a Scottish, spotted my name above.


I think I shall have you inside Inday once opened up.
Hehe oo you better had if it was the next town!!!
Yes there are many Leslie's, the challenge is to find a Lesley Leslie ;)

Looking forward to the virtual tour next time!

yes will have my gopro at the ready Inday!


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My Mom always referred to the Kirk in Afrikaans it is Kerk, all in spelling and region. Exotic small castle home in the middle of nowhere, haunted house on the hill or was it by special design in latter years?

Spires and steeples with bell house on top to sound out the hours of the day or call people, history always wrapped up in these places.

!LUV your walk!

ah Kerk is close to Kirk right enough Joan😄
The hill had quite a few haunted houses like that, unfortunately, over the years most have vanished.

The bells, the bells as you say, steeped in history.

Makes us feel !ALIVE

@joanstewart! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @tengolotodo. (1/10)

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What a nice treat after the booster injection. You do love beans no?

And this has been a wonderful tour Tito Ed. Those churches are beautiful and they have interesting structures too. Amazing that they are still standing proud to date them being centuries old already.

hehe baked beans are a staple of cooked breakfasts, but these are not the same beans that I cook in my slow cooker, which reminds me I still owe Eli a post about that!
Yea the buildings are awesome, they don't build them like that anymore :( I wonder who much of what is built this decade will be hear next century.. Not much I think!

Would be cool to see your beans Tito Ed :) Must be masarap hehe!

And true what you said, there may not be structures as sturdy and long-lasting like those built centuries ago. Although technology is much advanced these days, quality of things and work seem to be a far cry from those of decades ago.


How do i get to read that diary?? And thanks for the walk. Needed that. Life is short...

Life is way short Deraa, now I have been researching Pet, and I am going to find the diary for us to read...

A marvelous walk with you through a part of the world that I wish I had visited!

Turned out to be a bit of a historical walk, it is funny we are surrounded by centuries old buildings which we just take for granted.

Oh, those are beautiful. You do know that the Afrikaans word for church is kerk? I still find myself using my father's expression about being in the body of the kirk...

Yes @joanstewart mentioned kerk.
hehe well you know I and many others still say in the body of the kirk... but funnily enough I just said it and it sounds like in the body of the kerk...

it sounds like in the body of the kerk...

It does. In a Scottish accent. Not in an English or South African one.

I haven't forgotten the podcast. It's in the back of my mind. I am a bit of a slow starter...🤣

aye kerk kerk and kerk again!
Oh yes we will be awaiting that podcast ... and you should be able to do easily from your wordpress too.

Beautiful shots! Those are definitely some amazing old churches. It's always crazy to think that the stuff over there is literally centuries older than what we have over here. I still don't think I will ever get the beans for breakfast thing. Don't get me wrong, I love baked beans, but I never thought to have them for breakfast!

Yeah we take it for granted here. Just going on an everyday walk you forget you are surrounded by centuries old buildings. They don't build them like that anymore.
Baked beans hehe, a staple for breakfast here, actually one thing about them is that they are not as sweet as the ones in the States, so that is perhaps why never used at breakfast, never stopped me though when I was there🤣

I've had some more savory beans in the past so I know what you are saying. They sell the Heinz brand in the "English foods" section of the grocery store.

hehe yes some shops have an "American" section. Just don't have ones with wee pork sausages in them! Sweeter they are.

Not from Scotland but I do recognize the crockery and drool over the breakfast been ages sincei had a good breakie like that

Loved your walk full of history

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk :)

Thanks @tattoodjay , it's not often we have a brekkie like that, but after the covid/flu jabs I thought we deserved a treat, and then a nice wee walk to help burn it off!

Its nice for a treat especially after a jab or two lOL

hehe that is very true :)

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Cracking day there ! And I really liked that last church, that round tower is pretty cool !!!!

It makes it look totally different from the norm Hoosie!

What a great walk Ed 👋🏻😊 the churches do look nice.
The food too… after the booster. Well deserved for sure.
Have a wonderful Thursday ☀️ Hope it will be sunny a bit more 😉

Aye they are bonnie Jackie!
Thank you and yes you have a cracking day today too :)

I love seeing those old churches. When I visited Scotland and England I try to notice them. 😊😁
We are back for Christmas so will be fun seeing some new areas 😎 exploring new things.
You are welcome Ed, thank you so much!

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Salamat Kim that is awesome, have a good one @ybanezkim26

You're welcome! 😁

Wow, didn't know that Church is Kirk in Scottish!
I like that cos in the Finnish language, Church is Kirkko. That's pretty close! Interesting.

It is Kirkko, cool that really is close!
I am sure there must be a few words that are similar.

Yeah! Actually, I was thinking that maybe that word came with the Vikings since Scotland was one the first places they sailed to.

Absolutely, there has to be some common ones from the Vikings or Norse

Hahaha.... I hope you didn't break your ass... Of course, you nearly fell... Lol

These are beautiful shots, partner. How are you feeling now?

This is nice walk, you started that day with a mouth watering meal, and I'm sure you enjoyed it...
Abbotshall church look beautiful and I wonder how the interior will look like, I believe it will look more beautiful and St Bryce Kirk looks good, the structure makes it to stand out, especially the front view...
it's so fun to come across this post, hope you did not hurt yourself while trying to gain your balance at the metal playground ?

The ending of the post is so touching, indeed life is short, and tomorrow is not promised to anyone, that's the truth that we must believe, so we should make every moment of our life count.

Came across your post via Dreemport😊

A covid injection? Hmm, hope you are doing fine partner? And it's a good thing you still got the appetite to eat such a huge meal, hehe.

Despite the fact you took those shots with your phone camera they were still very good, nice walk and I loved that short story of the little girl you ended with, truly everything is just vanity in the end.

This was indeed a great walk here
The pictures of the churches look so adorable.

Truly, the architechure of the medieval and modern times in terms of church building gives a sense of aura and a unique aesthetics. I hope to behold these magnificent buildings one day.

Dreemport forced me to read your writeup

Dreemport forced me to read your writeup

haha good for Dreemport 🤣

Whether you are religious or not, I think the older architecture is something everyone can admire and appreciate!

Have a great weekend Ksam!

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Three churches in one place, people must be deeply religious. They are beautiful old buildings and each church has a different character. What faiths are represented there?
Thank you for the great insights into your home.

By the way, don't forget the food porn competition😉🍳😄

Posted using Hive Images

What faiths are represented there?

Those three churches were all Church of Scotland which is Protestant

ah yes FoodPorn is that still on, I need to check..