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RE: Exploring the Hidden Peach Slides Waterfall, Da Nang

in Wednesday Walk2 months ago

Yeah, winter is coming, I hope there will be some snow, otherwise it's just cold and there is no meaning in cold weather if there is no snow :)) Oh yeah I want to travel there and explore the beauties of this country. Maybe in the near future when all this is behind us...enjoy in sunny weather 😊😊


Wow, my country does not have snow. I wish I can see snow once in reality. I hope I could see it in your post. If you do it, could you tag me?

Yes of course, I'll tag you. 😊 I hope to be able to enjoy the view soon of the first snow falling. These are really special moments because there has been less and less snow in recent years.
I hope you will ever visit Europe and see the snowy nature. It’s really wonderful, especially when you see it for the first time.

lovely. Visiting Europe is my dream, Tina oi