Easter Sunday Lunch fit for a Queen.

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Last Easter being a bit of a blur because of lock down and covid-19, Margrette, my daughter's mother-in-law decided to go full out on Easter Sunday and spoil the family with a lavish lunch fit for royalty.
I would love to share my experience with my Hive buddies, so here we go.

table setting 1.jpg
It was so nice to just sit back and enjoy someone else's food for a change. It always tastes so much better for some reason.
cheese and biscuite.jpg

The food was cooked in the old traditionally South African Farm style, so delicious.


South African Farm Food; Rice, roast potatoes, beans cooked with potatoes and onions and butter, sweet potatoes, Roast lamb, and most importantly, gravy.

table setting.jpg

A table set for a Queen


Peach Champagne

bore kos.jpg

Plate of delicious "Boere Kos" in English "Farm Food"

The Dessert was so amazing, Trifle, carrot and orange cake, ice cream and custard, what a feast we had.

trifle top.jpg

The Trifle was made with sponge vanilla swiss roll layering, Old Brown Sherry, jelly and custard, with peaches and cream topping sprinkled with chocolate.


To finish the day off we had coffee or tea and cake which was out of this world. I want Margrette's Carrot Cake Recipe for sure.

carott cake.jpg

The most deliciously moist carrot cake I have ever tasted

cut carot cake.jpg

orange cake.jpg

Orange cake with frosting on top, absolutely delicious


Last but not least "Chocolate Bunny" for all the guests

We all went home ready to explode from all the wine, food and dessert. Had a lovely day and enjoyed it.
After all, we don't know what lies around life's corner, or another lock down next year! so we went the "Full Monty" this year and made the most of it.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my Easter Sunday with you, and all those who celebrate Easter, "Happy Easter" and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Original content by @artywink

All photos property of @artywink



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Oh wow my friend, Angie's mom on law certainly knows how to spoil the family, E V E R Y T H I N G looks scrumptious and that table certainly is fit for a queen! Yummy good South African fare😋

THANK YOU @lizelle Yes she always goes out of her way, we had a great time. thanks for stopping by.

OMG, it looks delicious 🤤🤤🤤

thank you @rendrianarma it was. THANK YOU FOR DROPPING BY.

Thank you @rendrianarma it really was delicious. thank you for stopping by, much appreciated.

yep., you're welcome @artywink.
looking forward for your next post.

You made me want to make carrot cakes soon! I'm craving now at midnight :(

Thank you @anggreklestari , it really was the best, I want to get the recipe and make it then I will post the results, Lol. I will try! go well and stay safe.

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Thank you @hivebuzz , much appreciated.

You're welcome @artywink 😊🌹😊🌹😊🌹

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thank you @foodiesunite so much for lovely comment. thank you for stopping by.

Wow that lunch is certainly fit for royalty - and in good old South Africa style - we know how to do it - don't we?

Thank you @karmaluna , for stopping by on my post, much appreciated.

Now that is what you call a "bord kos"
When last did I have a good South African meal like that?

Ja nee, nothing like a South African "bord kos"thank you @leelektrik for stopping by.

It was good to read your post.

Baie Dankie, waardeer dit. Thank you @leelektrik .

Plesier @artywink - look forward to future posts

That looks delicious & the sunshine too!

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