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Round #24

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Skiff Lake is dear to my heart as it was the lake where I spend a lot of time as a youngster. I would often bike out to the lake, with a friend, on a warm summer’s afternoon and spend the afternoon swimming and splashing around in the cool spring fed water.

There have been casualties on the lake, such as drownings. My mother was always nervous around water and didn’t want me to go. She was afraid when I went there that I might swim out too far and not survive.

At the time, in the excitement of youth, I thought my mother was being unreasonable. Now I realize she had a true concern. Luckily my guardian Angel was with me and I always managed to arrive safely home. Or maybe it was a mother’s prayers that protected me from danger. 🙏

Sunrise at Skiff Lake

The peacefulness and beauty of the lake can be felt the minute you see it. There are not too many motor boats or jet skis to disturb the tranquility of the area.

The sun is peeking up from the tree line to announce another beautiful day as he catches his reflection in the lake.

As for fishing~ landlocked salmon and small mouthed bass can be found in the lake.

Water skiing is a favorite sport for cottagers at the lake.

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Such a nice view! The best of luck for your entry 🥂

Thanks for the visit and lovely comment. 😊

The pleasure is mine... have a great day 😊

I love the sunrise photo, Jo, it looks so calm and peaceful - it must be a really lovely place to spend some time there 😊
When I had children myself I realized that parents think different than kids, and from that time on I could completely understand my parents 😀

Have a !PIZZA from me, served with !LUV

Hi Hannes @johannpiber. The lake is really a lovely place to be although the water is cooler than most people like.

I thought I had replied to your comment before but somehow it’s missing.

Yes it’s so true how we appreciate our parents much more as we get older and understand their concerns. Even though mine have passed many years ago, little videos go around in my head of them.

Someone told me the earth is turning faster and time is speeding up…I told them it’s just getting older but maybe not? 😃. ⏰

Thanks dear Hannes for everything. Sorry for the late reply. 🤗

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hi Jo,

never mind, I am also always late anyway.

I have read that after an earthquake that happened years ago, the earth turned faster, so that a year was 1,8 micro seconds shorter - I don't think we have noticed that 😉
I agree with you, the earth is getting older, and maybe she's annoyed of us and thus she turns faster and slower without any reason just to confuse us 😎

I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday, dear Jo 🤗🌞 it's raining here but it's still quite warm.

Have a !PIZZA from me, served with !LUV

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Much appreciated @thenortherner and @ecency. 🤗

Beautiful captures of this lak @redheadpei 😊
So peaceful… and serene nature views.
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks @littlebee4. I’m pleased you like the beauty of Skiff Lake. 🤗

You are welcome @redheadpei 😊 it truly was beautiful to see.
Thanks 🙏🏻

Quiet piece of water one always hopes will remain that way, nothing more refreshing than taking a swim in fresh water like this.

Sunrise captured lovely view of dawn.



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Nice photos. Thank you for your participation

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 117 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix! 😊