Human Nature Painting Series: #1 of 4

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About The Series

While living here in the South Bay of Los Angeles, it's easy to see our impact on the ocean and sea life. Seeing the washed up body of a sea lion or beached whale is a sight that one doesn't easily forget.

Human Nature #1

This collection hopes to shine more light on the things we're doing to our beautiful planet, while igniting a conversation and perhaps some activism to make improvements.

It's a weird thing to me to see people gathered around a dead animal like a whale on a beach, looking at it from all angles, like a piece of art hanging in a gallery; so interested in it. Stopping with friends to have conversations about it and find out who is going to remove it from the beach because it's starting to smell and ruining the experience.

So I thought, why not paint it and put it in a gallery? After all, it's a spectacle! Funnily enough, taking the subject off the beach and observing it in a gallery changes the way one perceives it. Some see more beauty, some see an ugly subject matter that, as I've been told, no one wants to see or put on their wall.

So why paint it? Because I'm a realist... and this is reality. If the world were all pretty roses, I guess I'd paint that instead!


Acrylic on canvas, 12W x 12H x 0.5D (inches)
Created in 2020

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Really digging this piece and the message. It's surreal sometimes the casual cruelty of humanity.

Thanks, mate. It's funny, @nuthman really hates these! But you know, sometimes art can make one quite uncomfortable.

Lol! I never said I 'hated' them. You are making me look bad. Well, I do ok on my own with that. ;)

Good luck Amanda with everything you do ~ You're a truly amazing Artist IMO 👏

  • and try not to get too annoyed with Rick, he means well really 🤣

cheers, @andy4475! I get annoyed with him everyday, but I still love the crazy man.

Ha! Ha! ALL men are annoying Amanda , we can't help it 🤣
but your answer is sweet √

  • Happy Ester to all three of you 🥚

Cheers! Happy Easter!

Thank you @poshbot! I need to figure out what this is.

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Lovely piece!