Fighting Robots 3D ART !

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Hello #hive @onchainart

Lazy Monday and I am not feel like doing anything, Work been slow and boring so I have decided to create something simple and quick with some funny twist.

Fighting Robots, A funny idea that even your robot toys wants some PC time for them selves, But yet babies will always still need their mom need to be there to make sure no one breaks anything .

d7rgq6j0b54c7b3b8e6434fabdb2a7e6fdbac49 1_Eidt.jpg

I kept the scene simple and neat, A small desk with keyboard on it, And ofc my heros the small robot babies fighting over who's turn to play. and to make a funny twist i have added a note on the side, Can have a look at the end of this pot.




Let me know if you have robots driving you crazy aswell :P

  software used : Maya / V ray / Photoshop

For more work's Feel free to go through my works on Vimeo

ddffif154abbf40c6424bccbcff6d05b98bc8f5 1.jpg



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Update for regular authors

Thats so doooope again! Does the colourless pass has a name? not the AO, the second one, where the clay is still affected by the lights! :D

thank you my friend :) , that one was just a lighting pass, i assigned clay shader to the scene and start doing my lights :)

 4 months ago 

Perhaps the person that left the note needs to turn their lockscreen on ;D

Hahah. But robots might be good at hacking 🤔

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 4 months ago 

Funny composition. Btw what happened to tennis racket at the back, may be another naughty robot stole it ?

hahah maybe :P, I removed it on my final render it did not fit well in the set :D

Those are very beautiful and cool looking robots! Well done! 🤗

thank you !! :D i tried to make something cute - ish :D haha