Fishing Village, 3D Artwork !

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Hello #hive @onchainart

Today's post is about one of my fav CG artworks ! and let me tell you the story behind it...

I used to not to watch 2D animation movies until my friend introduced me to the great director Hayao Miyazaki and i saw one of his movies ( Spirited Away ), For me that movie stuck in my head for many reason's, Not just the beautiful story or directing, For me it was about the visual's and how beautiful and rich of details they were.

So the idea came to me that i want to create my style of 3D but with some inspiration's from MR Miyazaki's work, I tried to make a daylight version of the work and night one !

ahmadturkifishingvillagefinalrender 1.jpg



My modeling process was pretty straight forward, I started with a simple model, 3 story building, added few elements around it just to make it look a b it busy


then i started to add in my details, Sadly my modeling skill's are limited hehe so i tried to keep it simple, small houses packed in the back, adding a little bit of depth of filed to hide any issues


My render Pass's from Maya


~~ Let me know what you think, Let me know also if you are a fan of 2D animations ~~

software used
Maya / MentalRay / Photoshop

For more work's Feel free to go through my works on Vimeo

ddffif154abbf40c6424bccbcff6d05b98bc8f5 1.jpg



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Love this!!! Incredible work and so many details :D

thank you so much ! really appreciate it ♥️ i tried to make it look busy with colors 😀

Beautiful detailed work! It is perfect.

I love Miyazaki! Spirited away is my favorite Studio Ghibli movie. I recommend you all his movies, as well as Takahata movie, The Tale of the Princess Kaguya.

ooh cool ! i will take your recommendation and watch ! i was amazed actually by these 2D movies, Style / Story / visuals everything is just blending together in a perfect way, At the same time very inspiring .

nice works btw ! you have a new Instagram fan ♥️

Thank you! 😄

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Very interesting! You're really good at design :) thanks for sharing with us

!discovery 20

thank you soo much @delilhavores ! i am happy you liked it 😀

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Passes 😜

I’ll try to get another look at this when I get back to my big rig (currently squinting at my comparatively tiny little phone screen), it looks great! Good use of dof and focal points to hide “issues” (I bet the things you think are issues aren’t even visible to anyone else 🤣).

I like both 2d and 3d (and a lot of the time the 2d things will have overpainted 3d and I’m pretty sure some 3d projects still have 2d elements such as matte backgrounds). If I’m not watching something of my own volition (for example agreed to watch something I’m not interested in with a child) I usually just end up studying 😆

hehe thank you brother <3 , maybe for others these "issues " may not be visible but for my it is there, Could be like low quality modeling cause my modeling skills not that strong so i always try to make up by adding texturing or play with lighting or DOF.

yeah we use 2D elements in 3D scenes such as Mattepainting, I also noticed some cartoon shows that its 2D, but they are using 3D Backgroungs, i think theres always a nice mix btween both worlds

It looks really cool and really rich! Congrats on filling the scene, thats amazing work! Theres something to look at everywhere :)

and the colours of the water... hat down!

Oh yeah hehe thnx ❤ I painted it as a texture and added it to the shader color

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Thank you buddy :) really appreciate it ❤ .

Yeah that was my goal is to keep the image busy and wherever you zoom in can have something to look at :)

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happy to be with you here in hive...wonderful work a lot to grab...and me is a self-learning 3D possessed guy, I like to watch animation movies 2D or 3D I am possessed 😀

welcome on board brother :) same here ! i have learned 3D animations by my self, Was a dream for me when i was a teen hehe.

hehe i feel you @sabari18 , There's something magical about animation movies keep you hooked up

Wowww, i'm fall in love with you art 😱😍

Woah thank you soo much ❤ happy you liked it 😃

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Hi, I see you applied for NFT Showroom, your work is amazing! I messaged you on instagram for verification, just awaiting a reply and I'll approve your application :)

Hey yeah I did 😃 , got it ❤

Thanks for the support 🙏

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woaa, that super cool ! its one of my fav 😀 ♥️