Art Drop progress!

in OnChainArt6 months ago (edited)

When we last left our hero he was juuust about to have a featured art drop on and NFT art gallery.

The drop has dropped, and overall...I'd say it's going rather well.


I could only show you glimpses previously, as per the request of Makersplace...but now that it's all live, I can show you some finished results!

OH...and by the way, I had an AMA interview on their site, which might be worth a listen, as it is a rare example of me being insightful and not JUST a jackass....although I won't profess that zero jackassness came thought. That's at this link ( you gotta scroll just a bit to get to it, maybe mid way through the'll see )

onto the NFTs!



and case you are an NFT the link to the THREE pieces I worked so hard on!

and...that's all fer now!