Crypto art and The role of Whale and Dolphins on the NFT Showroom

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I'm going through the trouble of explaining this and supporting NFT Showroom because, 1-they put a great deal of effort into it and 2- coming onto steemit/hive opened up a lot of doors for me, and I don't forget that sort of thing.

When last we spoke, I talked about the new, big, and growing concept of buying digital art the form of NFT's produced in a blockchain. This is big, and there are big whales having a lot of fun collecting something that has never been collected before.

Aside from the fun, the art, the cultural uniqueness and innovation, there is as aspect here that COULD...COULD...directly benefit Hive. Hive the blockchain and hive the currency.

Some of your fellow citizens of Hive ( @nftshowroom ) have gone through great effort to create a NFT art gallery using Hive as it's currency.


I'm explaining the following because...even very smart, savvy people can sometimes miss the obvious. Let's go over the obvious, shall we? Hive, is a utility token as much as anything else. It's not bought and sold based on it's security or quickness or reputation, so much as it is bought and sold in connection to it's use on this social media platform and the other Dapps and platforms connected to it. Like BAT or LBRY or's value is connected to the platform, more than it's coding or it's functional operation compared to other crypto. You with me so far? Yes?

Hive is not going to just moonshot up to 8.00USD out of the clear blue sky, if it rises it will be because of the success of one or several of these outlets that use it. And if it withers away on the vine, it will be because of the lack of success of the outlets using it. When one succeeds, Hive looks like a better crypto to have, when one fails it looks like a loser crypto to have. All very easy to understand still, yes?

Sitting on Hive and thinking that it will just catch the eye of massive amounts of investors out of sheer luck is an absurd strategy. That may work fine with Bitcoin and Eth as they are gateway cryptos for any half wit who finally realizes that crypto is legit and wise investing, but that's not how growth happens for utility tokens. I use the Brave Browser, it works, it is seeing growth, that's why I own some BAT. If the browser started to lack functionality, growth dropped, ect...I would get rid of my BAT.

The success and failure of a platform that is connected to a crypto currency directly affects the rise and fall of the crypto connected to it. SIMPLE, YES? Things that you already know, yes? Good...I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page.

This NFT Showroom, which is connected to the hive blockchain/uses Hive as it's currency, is new to the crypto art world, but making some waves. Generating some buzz. People are paying attention to it, and the window of opportunity for that impression to be good or bad is limited.

There are BIG whales out there who invest BIG money in crypto, and they spend A LOT of money on NFT art. BY "a lot" I think Makersplace has had around 3million USD worth of Eth flow though it (might be more by now, I don't remember how long ago I checked) and SuperRare is neck and neck with them ( or maybe it's visa versa, honestly my brains still catching up and processing this brave new world).

SO...if several or many of these whales saw NFT art on HIve's NFT Showroom that they wanted, they would have to invest in/buy Hive so they could own it. Golly gee, that'd sure be good for the value of all that Hive you have, eh? 20,000 some odd USDs being turned into Hive on a daily basis! That's small change in the grand scheme of the NFTart world, but that's be a BIG FUCKING jump for Hive.

SO...the people who created and run the showroom did their part, did a hell of a job making the platform. I've done a small amount of coding, I realize the amount of time, effort, and planning that this must have taken. They did one hell of a job. The Hive artists are using it and putting up work, I put up work. We're certainly pulling our end.

Uhm...that leaves the remaining factor in all this.

Here's the thing. For this platform to attract the whales, it needs artists the whales are going to want to spend big money on. In order for those artists to show up, they'll need to see that there is money being spent there. There are other NFT galleries that already generate a lot of money. I'm on two others. I know full well I can put work up on Makersplace and get real money for it. I cannot put the same work up on two different places at once....You see the dilemma, and what would be cause for reluctance for legit artists to put their work up on NFT Showroom (and thus and attract the whales that would buy hive and increase the value of YOUR HIVE) instead of some other gallery?

YOU have a role in all this, if you want it to succeed/make your hive increase in value dramatically. And that role is going to the Hive based- NFT Showroom- and spending real money, so the artists on there can go on their social media accounts, with more followers that you could ever reach...and raise hell about the real money they made. and the artists that follow them (see, there followers are often other artists...who also have more followers than you could ever reach) will see that and want a taste of that. And the Whales that follow them, will follow them to NFT Showroom.

...reiterating now....the Whales would then have to invest in Hive, in order to collect the artwork they like, thus increasing the demand for Hive higher than it has been since...oh...when did I get here? 2018?

This is a 1+1=2 situation here.

This is opportunity knocking on the door of every Hive whale and Dolphin saying "hey...THIS is the kind of thing that increase value of a crypto quickly".

This is an amount of buzz...of publicity...directly to the people you want to see it, that other currency dream about. This is exactly the kind of "event" that moonshots a currency.

The alternative, of course, is for the artist to see that no one with Hive is spending any real money, and the Whales to see that the platform cannot attract and keep real talent, and hive to look like a piker...and remain as just one of 250 other crypto currencies only owned by a handful of people, that no real investor give AF about.

AND...LET'S NOT FORGET...the Dapp makers who will see that Hive does not support the hard work of those willing to create things that use it. How many times exactly, do you think that can happen, before people stop using hive as the foundation of their Dapps? hmmmmmm? How much of a "brain drain" do you think hive can bare?

Give that some real good hard thought.

That's the alternative way it could go, instead of NFT Showroom growing fast, getting big artists, attracting whales and growing the value of hive.

...copying and pasting now-

YOU have a role in all this, if you want it to succeed (hive to increase in value quickly). And that role is going to the Hive based NFT Showroom and spending real money, SO the artists on there can go on their social media accounts, with more followers that you could ever reach, and raise hell about the real money they made. and the artists that follow them will see that and want a taste of that. And the Whales that follow THEM, will follow them to NFT Showroom.

The artist have done their part, the people who created the site have done their part, the ball is in the air coming down towards wanna catch that and run into the endzone? Because that's be great if you could do that.

Or not...I'm a free agent after this season, I can just go to a team that wants to win, if this one doesn't.

BUT...assuming you DO want that. And you have money to spend because you are clever and opportunistic and not because it fell out of the sky into your pocket...
Here's just a few links below to a few artists on there, that caught my eye ( mine is included of course). These are there because they caught my eye, AND because I've seen them a good bit on social media ( we're being pragmatic here, yes? Someone with a big mouth is good is this instance)

However it'd be smartest to just use that ol' search filter to find the most expensive work there and buy it up. That is what is going to move the needle. That is what other large crypto artists are going to see and hear about. Or...I guess you could buy art based on what you like...y'know... some people do that, but we're speaking pragmatically here. (haha)

(we'll start with my work, because.... it's my fucking blog)









...and that's all for now, do as will.


*side note, if you are a creative type on this blockchain, or Dapp maker ( I guess that'd also count as being a creative type...didn't mean to slight you) in agreement with my assessment here, resteeming this would be pretty good fucking idea, wouldn't it? So that the non-creatives understand their and our roles in the concept of growing hive.



I have always been a bit confused about how this all works in relation to the actual piece of work. Say for instance I make a painting using a tradition medium, say 'oil'. I put that piece up on NTF showroom. This then creates a digital copy. So, is the original painting now owned by someone else and I can not show it to anyone because I don't own it? Or should it be destroyed so the digital copy becomes the piece?
Or are NFT supposed to be purely digital with no real-world equivalent?
I do think the concept is exciting but there is a lot to get my head around not being a digital artist.
At the end of the day, anything that empowers artists to allow them the monetise their world outside of the traditional gallery is a good thing.

The artist always retains the copyright to the work, the buyer is simply buying the digital token. (when you choose the private option, we do have a commercial option as well, that's another story)

There are some artists who choose to offer additional things like prints or originals to buyers but that is all done seperate as we can't really enforce that on site.

If you have any questions feel free to join the discord :

Thanks for the clarification. I am seriously considering producing some NFT artworks and will be applying for verification soon. Exciting times for the art world and it seems to be a great fit for Hive.

as I understand it...the digital copy exists as an entity in and of itself. The original painting is not and NFT and the NFT is not an original painting. The NFT is the digital image verified and attached to the blockchain same as say... untit of bitcoin. IT is a token on a blockchain and it is track-able and it's ownership verifiable. That is what is being bought/owned...that digital token. beyond that, as far as printing it IRL somehwere...that's you'd want to discuss with the particular NFT platform @juliakponsford and/or @nftshowroom might be able to explain that better.

NFTs are an opportunity for Hive. If people are willing to buy serious amounts of it to get art then it could help boost the price, but as you say, we need the artists to use it and they have alternatives to consider. Hive has to be seen as better. The speedy transactions and lack of fees are plus points that need to be emphasised.

This is all a fairly new field, but it is good that we have an early entry into the market. I hope your works find buyers.

The only part I see that would nullify the assumption of price boost is if the artist dumps the coin immediately back into the market. If the whale purchasing already held the coins, this would place a flood of coin potentially on the market which would create a downward spike in price.

I'm wondering what the solution would be to stop such drastic fluctuations. This is in my opinion a huge impediment to investment by those who avoid gambling, which is what a lot of crypto feels like. An example of this is how Hive coin went up recently, and has lost almost half its value from that spike in just a couple/few weeks. Anyone investing at that time has now lost almost half their investment.

Well, that's the risk involved with any coin, isn't it. The difference between the previous spike and what this growth would be is it would be founded on something besides a sugar rush of a new platform not immediately collapsing on itself. It would be founded on a functional, worthwhile place for large investors to collect NFTs from skilled talented artists.

What Hive has right now (this platform aside) a few hangers on keeping it hovering between .18 and .30 with no real reason to be optimistic about it ever being more. This is an opportunity here for it to be attached to something popular and worthwhile.

Well, that's the risk involved with any coin, isn't it.

Yes, which is why I had said

This is in my opinion a huge impediment to investment by those who avoid gambling, which is what a lot of crypto feels like.

yes...which is why I said-

"It would be founded on a functional, worthwhile place for large investors to collect NFTs from skilled talented artists."

...thus taking it beyond a simple speculative investment. It would be the currency of a platform upon which you could own things that bring you joy. I'm sure you can agree that the buying, selling, owning and investing in art has a very long track record...several thousand years unless I am misremembering my art history classes.

Of course some artists would sell it on so they can pay their bills, but others may power some up so they can earn more from curation. If we can get more of an economy around HIVE then it becomes more useful. What if you could buy artist materials with it? I think the market fluctuations are more to do with speculation, which will always be around. We need to build up use of HIVE. I have spent it on various non-NFT items already.

what the artists do with it is almost irrelevant. The rise would be based on the supply and demand of the art itself. There are far more people looking to own art than artists of merit.

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Good words! Crypto art is moving millions and it's a real boom right now. @nftshowrroom and #hive could be part of that. May the whales notice and support!

it's in their own best interest to do so, after all ;)

I totally agree with what you say and I think these are not times to be lukewarm. Hive's whales and dolphins should get involved. Hive could go to the top if things are done right and the time is now. There are several interesting artists and @nftshowroom works very well so some have to make noise.
Thanks for the mention!

...I am vexed that you managed to say everything I did and just a poignantly , but it only took you three sentences. What'd it take me? 7 paragraphs?! hahaha...sigh. I like your work btw!

Hahaha but they are 7 paragraphs full of strength, drive and firmness. I think it's necessary right now because someone has to move the hive! I like your work too!

I'm glad to see you checked out the site and started using it! We really want to make this much more accessible than the ETH nft art sites that are getting kind of impractical due to the gas fees and I think it will do a lot to boost the HIVE ecosystem. We've already brought quite a few people over from Ethereum.

Well...I'm there now. It's up the the buyers if I or any of the rest of us stay or if more come or don't. It's a well done site, but there is no shortage of competition, and loyalty to a blockchain only goes so far, we ain't gonna hang around making money and giving publicity for the benefit of whales and dolphins unless they pull their weight.

You make a very valid point in that if folks aren't buying....But times are tough too.
I'm confused. So I get the NFT for that piece.
The artist keeps their copy?
It's more of a collector type thing?
I would have to print it off if I wanted a physical copy.

I wish I was rich and could buy some up and participate.

I'd be happy to explain that too you, but you've already mentioned you have no money, so I'll not waste my time and instead say "good day sir" (actually, see my reply to ammonite , he asks a similar thing)

You said the obvious that a lot have been missing out on. Nothing in the post made me disagree. I could imagine some famous artists joining in the blockchain, then creating their original works and try to convert their fans from the other platforms to buy the ownership to the works.

Yup, the collectors will come if the artists are there, make no mistake about that. I've been selling art for quite awhile, they will will find you.

😁🤙 How did my tweet get here? And what's posh? I've been asking around but get no answers haha

I automatically provide links to tweets that reference Hive content so you don't have to!

POSH means "Proof of Sharing".

Sounds great! 🤓