I'll be on the NFTART panel at Concensus, and so will these artists!

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First things first, when someone tells me to keep my mouth shut...I keep my mouth shut. It's one of my only redeeming qualities. Which is why I haven't been raising hell about this, until now...



You read that correctly...yours truly, perhaps among the most traditional and analogue of all illustrators, will be on a panel discussing the most modern and advanced art medium there is.

Bwhahahahaaaa hahahahaaaaaa hahaha


Now, while normally I'd bloviate on and on about what a big deal I am, because I am an ego maniac...I'm also a realist, who does not shrink from saying thanks or giving credit where credit is due to others. Though, doing that sort of thing does make it hard for me to sleep.

So, I have to give a big thanks the the #whale community! I and several other NFTartists who count themselves among this wonderful group will be featured at Consensus thanks to the work and outreach of that team...and also in no small part due to the mysterious and legendary Whalesharkpro himself, doing whatever magic, coercion, strong arming he does, or perhaps just showing the quality of our work. The romantic in me likes to believe it was strong arming.

Whatever the case...since I am still forbidden to share any more details yet, allow me to introduce you to my fellow whale family nftartists who will be part of his event!


This is in random order, and I THINK my list of fellow whales is incomplete...I'll add the others next blog when I have more details to share. Each of these are skilled, innovative, talented, ambitious artists. I'm proud to be among them and actually looking forward to seeing their contributions to the show, and hearing what they have to say ( and when have you EVER...EEEVVVEERRRR...heard me say something like that? LOL...the correct answer is "never". So that should tell you something)

Didier RA

Did I say innovative? Yeah...Didier ain't screwing around! There's a lot going on here, and it all works together very well. I know a thing or two about sequential art, and this is a pretty masterful job of adding new techniques and using new tools via a comic book page format.


That there...while I'm sure takes a lot of work and skill...has something in it you can't teach-- energy. That's true for every piece I've seen from Skenee...they all have a feel and life to them, that ain't easy to do!

Rare Designer

Impact, detail, precision...those are the words I'd use to describe Rare's works. along with intricate...every pixel is seen to, always serving a purpose, contributing to the overall piece. Masterful.

Alotta Money

I'm always looking to capture people's imaginations with my work...and that's something Alotta M does extremely well! Always fluid, always great composition, and keep in mind...when you are using movement the composition changes with that movement. You have to have a harmony to things for them to work. Alotta M's is clearly keeping that in mind with every piece.

Reinhard Schmid

I love just about everything in this one, and Schmid's color pallet in general is something I'm drawn to. AND...this is a very curious example. It has sound and the sound fits the color pallet...maybe I'll explore that concept more some other time. This medium is so new that I'll need more examples of sound choices of artists to put any worthwhile observations together


I uhm...I'm not even qualified to comment on Legendary's work on account of it being so far distant from anything I do that I can't even get my head around how it was done. In this case I'll just give you my pedestrian reaction- "WOW!"


(this pic is of a physical work of his, his NFT art is just as stunning, but I grabbed this one because...it always AMAZES me when someone is able to work this large, but you can go to his page and see his NFT work for yourself! It all has as much energy as his giant murals!

Bryan Brinkman

Don't ya just hate it when people who make extremely difficult things look easy? I won't spend the time explaining the composition and movement working together, making this piece so vexingly good. Just know that be it instinct or trial and error...there are many levels to why his work is so good.

Giant Swan

yeah...now this is just getting unfair. I saw this and then looked for something not as good, for the sake of my own ego. Couldn't find ANYTHING by GS that wasn't mesmerizing.


Just to keep thing fare, I only used pics from everyone's twitter feed, but this is a case of you wanting to click through to the work on superrare...because I don't think I can do it justice explaining it. https://superrare.co/artwork-v2/ambitiose-posterum-(en-rose)-14183

and last but NOT LEAST...a fellow Hive member

George Boya

I've shown off George's work before here and other places, and there's a reason for that...I like it a lot. Everyone here is formidable and fantastic, so at some point it's a matter of- do you feel like chocolate ice cream or strawberry ice cream? The thing about George's work that has always intrigued me is that SOMEHOW his movements are unique to him. I can't really explain it, but there is a pacing and timing to the movements in his work that are unlike anyone else. They are uncomplicated is such a way that anyone else trying to do the same thing would create something sterile but his creations are charming and amazing.

By all means, take a look at some of these people's work and tell 'em Arsenic Lullaby sent ya!

oh yeah...almost forgot me!

Arsenic Lullaby

I'm now slouch either. As most of you already know I illustrate everything traditionally (pencil, ink, brush) which is time consuming and tedious...but you gotta dance with the one that brought ya, as the saying goes. And I like to think I'm contributing to the medium by bringing old school techniques into it. There's a lot you can do, even when the foundation is traditional.

That's all I can tell you for now, but I'll be back very soon with some cool stuff to show ya!

Details on Consensus are here

as always my homebase is here


and just for the hell of it...I'm on these also

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/arsenic_lullaby_official/
twitter- https://twitter.com/arsenic_lullaby


It's a big deal to be invited as a panelist on any subject, especially at this level. They wouldn't be doing it if they didn't admire your work and your values.

Congrats and look forward to seeing more details when you can. I'll check out a few of the others too and see what they are up to.

Thank you! I'm pretty stoked about it! More details Sunday night!

Tell everyone I said, "Hello," and when they, "Who?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?"

Just say, "Exactly."

ha ha I'll give that a try an see what they say

This will be the greatest social experiment with no real point, ever devised, in the history of nothingness. I look forward to hearing about the results.

But on a serious note, good luck with this and have fun. I'm interested in the NFT art scene but for some and a few other reasons, I simply haven't involved myself, yet. Always on the outside, looking in, and licking the windows.

wow that's epic! I love all this art you posted. I'm also an artist but I mostly do abstract. I'll have to check out your pages to see more of your art. There's a lot to be said for traditional pencil ink and brush (my personal preference).

@ryzeonline, is also an artist. Though he uses a different medium for his art I feel like you'd love some of this art Jay.

Congrats on being asked to be on invited as a panelist @arseniclullaby ❤️

Thanks! Thanks so much! I think traditional art has a unique charm to it...not better or worse, but different.
I'm gonna look at @ryzeonline 's stuff now

@cynshineonline ... @arseniclullaby Has been featured in Mad Magazine and nominated for an Eisner award, as I learned from the Instagram! (I'm not surprised, you're clearly very talented.)

Do you have a specific topic during your panel or is it a 'free-for-all'?

Anyway, honored to have met you, keep up the great work!

(P.S. I play with many artforms, visual, written, musical, and more, though I believed Cyn linked a written piece there.)

pretty impressive! I had a look too on IG and was quite impressed myself. I love art.

@arseniclullaby you are quite talented.

@ryzeonline I think the panel is on

the most modern and advanced art medium there is.

If I read correctly. Sounds interesting being that he is a traditional artist. I'd love to hear what he has to say

Thank you, very cool. 🙏

I agree about it having a unique charm. It's something I do enjoy. I also enjoy digital art as well. I'm just an art fiend so it doesn't matter the medium. Which is probably why I love @ryzeonline so much. He's good at many mediums. I hope you enjoyed his work as well.



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