Of Whales and art and comedy

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When last we spoke I was in the middle of a featured NFTart drop on Makersplace. I'd say, it went rather well. Everything sold out in a matter of days except for one last minting of "After Midnight"...which I am sure will find a good home very soon.

WHILE THAT was going on I was hard at work on a new piece for a specific NFT community called WHALE.

As usual I'll show some stages, like stage 1 ...


and stage 2...


but this time I have even more for you than that. The Whale community had me on for an interview, in which I spend part of it explaining some of the in's and outs of going from simple sketch to figuring out the details to inking...

That interview is up here, and I'd appreciate you giving it a listen and a like! Specifically the talk of making this work starts at around, 42:30 in case you just want to jump right to that...and miss out on my acerbic wit.

It might help make a little sense out of times I show you images like this


In any case, this one is taking a hell of a long time...all those lines....so...many...lines


but all in all it's going well.


I'll show you the finished thing soon as it''s finally done.


Digital limited editions of some of my work an be found on Makersplace, an online art gallery of sorts where you can get blockchain verified limited edition digital art.

as always my homebase is here www.arseniclullabies.com

and just for the hell of it...I'm on alla these also ( though I don't even know what half of them are)

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/arsenic_lullaby_official/
twitter- https://twitter.com/arsenic_lullaby
torum- https://www.torum.com/u/arseniclullaby

bitchute- https://www.bitchute.com/channel/arsenic_lullaby/
youtube- https://www.youtube.com/user/arseniclullabycomics

Minds- https://www.minds.com/ArsenicLullaby/
Gab- https://gab.com/ArsenicLullaby

patreon- https://www.patreon.com/douglaspasz


Those straight lines are beautiful. What does the color red and blue mean when you made out those sketches? Noob question I know. But I only use black. Are these to show transitions between actions?

Heya! Thanks! and sorry for the late reply, been busy af.
the blue and red leads are just lighter and less likely to show up when I scan something in, in black and white. They are softer lead and take a little getting used to so I just used them all the time, even on preliminary sketches. a side benefit is I can rough sketch with blue and then refine it a bit or make changes in red and it's easy to see what is what....if I used one color for the rough and refined/changes, it'd be a big grey mess.

I see. I saw some other artists do their line works with other colors but never really asked what the lines meant. I know it's a technique to draft for animation but it it's used may be different for static images and for different artists. Thanks! I learned something about colored leads just now :D

Some crypto-themed art should go down well with this community. NFTs seem to be really taking off now. Hope it goes well for you.

Do you just rule to your tacks? That's a pretty cool idea :)

I love the flipper fist XD

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