Hauwa and Mina -Call Me By My Native Name III

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Lately, the feeling of wanting to go back to back to being a child once again comes on stronger than ever. Whilst looking for a muse for the last act in the “Call Me by My Native Name series”, I came across a beautiful archive (Nigerian Nostalgia Project) filled with photos from 1850s to 1980s. The image of 3 young girls posing for the camera stuck out to me the most, and I couldn’t resist painting it.

As we get older, we forget to be a child sometimes, to let a little love and joy bring light to our darkened expressions, or play , dance around however awkward it may seem to others. The feeling of knowing you’ll be taken care of, or be guided, be nurtured, be neglected but still trust, to love unabashedly, to speak up, to feel insecure, to ask questions, to laugh more, to cry freely and to build friendships. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.


This piece is focused on the third major tribe in Nigeria, which is the Hausa! The Hausa people are extremely rich in arts and culture. They are found in the Northern part of Nigeria. If you’ve come across the term “Nok culture ”, it stems from them(Kaduna State to be specific).
It’s one of the oldest art civilization in Africa!








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This artwork was created using Procreate

Link to the reference photo: https://pin.it/28Ecdkn
For more art and merch: https://linktr.ee/artby.dara


as an African man, that image tells a lot of story

Thank you! That’s great to hear❤️

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