my new painting "a rickshaw puller"

I think of myself as a magician when someone is surprised by my painting. An artist can be called a magician.
a few days ago l join in hive community.
Your support has made me very enthusiastic.So I want to give you a new work.this is my new painting a rickshawpuller.l am useing ink on boxboard paper.
Here I have tried to make proper use of perspective.Due to which the distant matter is well understood.Inside the painting, the rickshaw puller is placed at the focus point.
👇here is some progress
thank you
stay safe.


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thanks a lot😊😊😊

Ink is such a fun medium to work with! It’s been so long since I’ve got my hands on it, thanks for the inspiration.
And wonderful painting :)

thank you dear.
your are right, ink is such a fun medium

Wow that is a brilliant painting. You are so talented!
I hope that you post more photos of you paintings!😀

thanks a lot.
l will try my best.

So beautiful!!!! Congratulations!

thank you dear 😊

অনেক সুন্দর হইছে ভাই। আপনি অনেক ভালো আঁকেন।

anek dhonobad vai

superb, upvoted and reblogged and followed. Looking forward to more. You got skills for sure :)

thanks a lot.
l hope give you some new work.

look forward to it :)

Wow, fantastic. great skills.
Keep flourishing.

thank you dear 😊

thank you so much

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