Goat Bighorn Sheep Sketch | [Eng/Esp]

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Hello friends of the Hive community, today I bring you a traditional drawing that is about a sketch of a Goat, Species Bighorn Sheep, thank you for viewing my post and I hope you enjoy it.

Hola amigos de la comunidad Hive, hoy les traigo un dibujo tradicional que trata de un boceto de una Cabra, Especie Borrego Cimarrón, gracias por ver mi post y espero que lo disfruten.

Photo | Foto


Reference image

Materials | Materiales

Mechanical pencil and Pencil 2B

Portaminas y Lápiz 2B

Sin título-1-01.png

Process | Proceso






Process in GIF | Proceso en GIF


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Amazing artwork! I have seen some of your our work and have to say I am a huge fan!
God bless you dear friend @baptisttadg.

Thank you very much, I also admire your Photomanipulation work, you make really amazing designs!