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These works are from several years ago and although they have been exhibited in France and Monaco I never put them up for sale and the main reason was that business bored me. I was always waiting for the moment to do everything online so finally that came, what I expected and I knew would happen. I was always bored by bureaucracy and the way of doing business in conventional ways, that's why I always ran away from it. I was not born for the conventional. So with regard to business, I have always looked for different options and above all that they do not bore me. I'm living at the right time for that! The crypto world is amazing!



La chicharra h.jpg



"The mystic eye"

The Mystic Eye h.jpg

I have uploaded this 2 works to nftshowroom so come take a look!

Bárbara Bezina ✋

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Incredible details. Congrats.

Thank you!

I am not the crypto world. But I welcome you to this crypto place.
I'm glad you're here. I wish you success!
I hope you can do your art on YOUR terms. :)

I appreciate your welcome, your support and your words! Thank you very much! 💜
Art is the most important thing and I always do that :))

20200712 动漫插画|591素材_00906.png