Digital art_2021. Tree on the Winter Sunset

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Hi friends!

I continue to learn my new favorite graphic program Realistic Paint Studio
And today I told you how I drew a beautiful winter tree

Tree on the Winfer Sunset_веб.jpg

One time I found wonderful photo and decided make a painting copy of it

This time I chose imitation oil paints

1_Выбор материала.jpg

In start my work I chose a canvas (Custom as in last tutorial)

2_Создать порльзовательский холст.jpg

When I opened a window of custom canvas creation, we see the canvas opened by default.
This, in my opinion, is too extreme

3_Окно холстов.jpg

so I chose a different canvas color.

4_Выбор цвета холста.jpg

So I chose a custom size and changed DPI to 90


So let's get to work


I chose a brush for initial oil paint layer from a box of brushes

6_Выбор кисти для фона.jpg

Using the up and down buttons, you can select paint colors

7_Выбор палитры цветов.jpg

I started my work with sketch


Then it seemed to me that I chose the wrong color for the sky ... but don't worry!
In this program, even oil paint can be erased ... with the usual eraser from the sketch tool box.

9_Поправка ластиком.jpg

Then I chose matching colors and painted the sky on new layer.
Sometime I used an another brush to make a blur paints

10_Кисть размывка.jpg

11_Размытое небо.jpg

With the same two brushes on new layer I paint a far mountains and trees

12_Дальний лес.jpg

And a beautiful color snow on a foregroung


To add a texture of snow I chose this brush

14_Фактурная кисточка.jpg

Well, the background is almost ready

15_Цветной снег.jpg

For painting a main tree (and one more on the left) I chose a brush fmaked subtle delicate strokes

16_Кисточка для веток.jpg



The last step is left - snow on the branches.
I chose lighter and more saturated colors so that they don't blend in with the background colors.

19_Снег на ветках.jpg

I used four shades of color to contrast with the background.


A few small touches in different places ... and a picture is ready!

Tree on the Winfer Sunset_веб.jpg

Of couse, presentation - one of three


My last tutorials to drawing in Realistic Paint Studio you can watch hier:
Winter Sunset - Watercolor imitation
Lotuses - Soft Pastel/Color Pensil Imitation

Have a nice and creative day to all!




Мне очень пнравилось. Тоже попробую нарисовать что-то подобное :-)

Спасибо, Света!
Ты натуральными красками попробуй)))
Я сейчас и тем, и тем рисую, пока не выбрала, на чём остановиться))))

Я пока могу только красками, у меня нет ни программы такой, ни ноутбука на который её можно установить :-)

Ты в компе вообще никогда не рисовала?)

Нет. Я пока и на бумаге не все умею :-(