I finally bought a tablet, so I have to draw on it.

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I finally bought a tablet, so I have to draw on it.

Yep, you read it right. I actually bought a tablet. I got the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE after weeks of contemplation. I have been considering buying a tablet for a while now, but money and my technical considerations have been hampering my plans. In the end, I had to decide between an iPad Air and the S7 FE (actually, an S7+), but for some reason, all are too pricey here in the Philippines. While you can probably buy an S7 FE in the States for around $400 to $500, maybe, it's a whopping $700+ in here. A shame, but if I want to make sure that my purchase is legitimate, I have to buy from the actual store or authentic retailers... who all sell expensively.

Anyway, I ended up settling with the S7 FE (because I can't find S7+ anywhere here) that came along with an S-Pen and keyboard case. Got it on a $100 sale, so I'll live with it. I'll just make sure to use this as much as I can. (I'm truly enjoying the Dex mode!)

So I drew.

The first thing I did after buying was, well, update everything. I updated the software, downloaded everything I'd like to use here, configured it for a while, then started to draw.

My drawing for today is based, as usual, on this Pinterest photo. She looks a lot like TWICE's Sana, but she isn't Sana. She's just really pretty, and I'd love to draw her.


The drawing experience, in the POV of someone who draws on a phone.

While the Note 10+ is, without a doubt, a huge phone (heck, it's called a phablet by others), drawing on a 12.4" display is still disorienting.

Everything is huge, and I can see details I don't normally see in my phone (yeah, in all glory of this tablet's LCD display). The S-pen isn't like the S-pen of the Note, and is honestly not as flexible. I kind of found it hard to use and control. The grip feels amazing, though! Heaveeen.


I'd probably write a separate post about a "drawing on a tablet from the perspective of soemone who draws on phones". I bet I'll have fun with it. xD I think I have a lot to say about it, except words fail me whenever I try to articulate stuff.

Here's a GIF of the drawing progress. I ended up having to edit the colors once again using Snapseed.



I've applied for graduate school and sincerely hope I'll get admitted. To be honest, it scares me because I feel like it'll eat a lot of my time and I won't be able to draw. But as always, I'll persevere. :)

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WOW nice job!!!

Congratulations with your new device. I'm sure you will do great things with it just like you've started. For the Note 10+, I believe you've learnt so much from it. You made go for it and that's what I'm using to draw and paint now. I will consider going for this table as well.

can you link your note's S pen to that?

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This digital drawing is beautiful. Also interesting is the image that shows how you made the drawing in step-by-step mode