I honestly thought I forgot how to draw.

in OnChainArt6 months ago

It almost always happens.

That feeling when I would think I forgot how to draw. Every time I get so occupied in the real world, I get occupied so excessively that I often think about how I find it hard to do stuff I normally could do easily. For instance, I love to cook even when I am hardly a good one, but gosh, while I take pride being able to fry a sunny side up egg without breaking the yolk, I keep accidentally breaking them a lot lately. And when I break yolks early in the morning, the whole day after is decidedly ruined.

I have also always considered the arts as some form of stress reliever. It's just therapeutic to me. But lately, even this gets hard. This isn't even the first time this has happened. I realize that every time I take breaks and get back to drawing, it just becomes increasingly difficult. If I were to plot the difficulty level with respect to the amount of time I spend busy and amount of time I spend resting, both results to increasing difficulty, too. 😆

In my last post, I honestly was under the impression that I would be able to draw another one almost immediately. At the back of my mind, however, I knew that the month of May was going to be so extra I would probably revert back to draw-again-difficulty level of... I dunno, 10 out of 10?

So glad May is ending, but my calendar for June is just...

I can't even promise myself that I'll be able to draw again ASAP, but hey, every time I stop thinking about it, I am suprisingly able to finish a drawing. So there's still hope for me!

I drew this one yesterday, and then did some finishing touches today. I'm not exactly very happy about how this turned out, but there are times when I'd randomly look at it and think that it's looking pretty OK, anyway.

This drawing is a mix of many things. I based the girl off this one and recycled something out of my drawing from At the Diner. I had so many plans about this, but I got tired and impatient about finishing something. This was drawn so quickly, I surprised even myself.

I was attempting to just not care about "cleanly" painting over the drawing. It was a relief just laying down the colors without really thinking about the tiny details. Once I woke up this morning, though, I couldn't help it. I decided to "clean" it. Or something.

I had different plans for this and it didn't work out, but I'm satisfied. You can get an idea of my so-called drawing struggle in the GIF below~


I received sooo many kind comments in my last post, and I was too busy to even check them out. T_T I'll try to respond even weeks after posting, because my heart is full from all the kind responses. ❤️

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Yap, you still have it. Lovely.

 6 months ago  

thank you so much! 💖 honestly thought i lost it, so i'm glad.

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That sounds like a nasty burnout, but you're still keeping it perfect. Consider taking a break 😉.

 6 months ago  

thank you so much! 💖 i was thinking this may be signs of--if not already!!-- burnout, too. 😩

looks like this

 6 months ago  

now i want to draw cyberpunk! 😆

FIlipino right there! Proud to be 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

Looks beautiful, As expected from you Rang. I understand the feeling of losing your drawing skills haha. It usually comes back to me and it always felt like a starting trouble that's all.

 6 months ago  

omg you're heeeere! 🥳

it always felt like a starting trouble that's all.

i'm thinking this, too! once i get over it, it just seems to all come back to me. 😂

Yep, crimsonowl told me about the site and straykat helped me make an account here. Better late than never right?

 5 months ago  

i'm glad you made it! i wish i could be more active both here on hive and on noise, it'd be nice to read your work process here~ have fuuun (and earn 😆).

p.s. i didn't know crimsonowl's here 😱 i first met straykat here and was surprised she was over there at noise, too 😆
p.p.s. so sorry this reply took a while! (;´д`)ゞ

It's totally fine. I know you are busy with work. I read some old post of yours and figured out that's why you were not very active in noisecash.

I totally understand the feeling when all of a sudden, drawing feels strange. But, omg I really love the art style!! 😍❤️

 6 months ago  

i'm so happy that you like it! 💖 thank you so much!

I totally understand the feeling when all of a sudden, drawing feels strange.

the feeling makes me both want to keep on drawing and just taking a rest forever :P

Why would you say you forgot how to draw, it came out super pretty 😍😍 I do dream of making such an illustration one day.

 6 months ago  

Why would you say you forgot how to draw

i just can't seem to control how i draw lately, and it wouldn't turn out the way i initially intend the work to look like. 😥 sometimes i think i take a little too much rest that's why it happens. thankfully, when i get over it, it just all comes back hehe.

I do dream of making such an illustration one day.

have faith, you'll be able to reach your artistic goals! 🥰

I do feel the same way too. Then I try to talk it out with my friend to get back to it again or sometimes I give myself time and I review a few more art pieces to take inspiration.

Thank you for the support 😌

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