Scheherazade | Drawing with the Note 10+

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This is the third Scheherazade I drew.

The first one was a pen drawing of Scheherazade from Magi. The second time was a Scheherazade fairy I drew... who had a purple hair. The third one is this. Still with a purple hair. And still a fairy.

Unlike the first two drawings, though, this one is based off an artwork I drew when I was around 14 years old. It was, quite literally, my first attempt in drawing digitally.

It's this one. This drawing was drawn almost as soon as I received a tablet from my big sister. I didn't really enjoy it back then, because I couldn't draw digitally well. I ended up having to utilize drawing with a mouse and Photoshop's pen tool. For a while, it worked for me.

When I reached college, I unfortunately had to stop drawing. Around two years ago, though, I got to explore digital painting with my phone, and really enjoyed it. I think I've come a long way. 😅

Here's a timelapse video.

I wasn't able to save progress shots, though, so I have no GIF. I had to somehow let go of a more realistic style for something more anime-ish. I missed doing that!


Wow, I've been drawing so much these days, huh? 😱 I hope I can continue. I really miss doing this!
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Wow, this piece is superb.👍

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