[Timelapse] Avid | Drawing with the Note 10+

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Since the New Year started, I have been trying - and failing miserably - to draw again. The last time I did was early December 2021, if I remember correctly, and the number of times I began drawing a new artwork is just overwhelming. The worse part? I never got to finish any.

For some reason, I finally managed to do one yesterday. Even I was surprised that I actually finished what I started. As always, I think it helps a lot that I actually liked today's drawing's reference picture. I found it on Pinterest while actively searching for a pretty reference. I saw a lot, but this particular one was just seriously vibrant, and I feel that it is a good one to start the year.


The title is prompted by the song Avid by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki. I honestly love almost every song produced by Sawano, so this one isn't an exception. It's the OST of the anime 86 ~eighty-six~, which I absolutely feel like should be anime of the year 2021. (I'M NOT KIDDING, IF YOU WATCH ANIME, YOU MIGHT WANNA CHECK THIS OUT.)

But, ah, well, avid may mean "passionate", and I think that the colorfulness of the reference picture fits the word well. Soooo here you have it, my first drawing of 2022.

Honestly, I almost signed it erangvee 2021 until I caught myself halfway through writing the year and remembered that it's already 2020, too. Er, 2022.

A side story

I am so ready to call this year 2020, too. I mean, I started it really happily, but then! I got sick with the flu - possibly COVID, I wasn't able to get tested and just subjected myself to 14 days quarantine - and it was the absolute worst moments.

I was in the middle of an important task for work that required an almost round-the-clock monitoring, so the addition of over 39C fever, cough, cold, skin sensitivity, body pains? Man, I thought I was gonna die. I had half the heart to ask to be brought to the hospital, but I might just be feeling dramatic. I managed to reign in the horrendous pain and stayed bed-ridden. Three days in, I started feeling better, but not really great. (I'm fully-vaccinated, but for some reason, I got the symptoms a lot worse than the others that weren't vaxed.)

Back to the drawing

So you bet I was physically better because I finally got to finish an artwork. I was also pretty excited about drawing, so you can say I was also mentally and emotionally at my best.

I managed to draw the whole thing for just a few minutes over 3 hours, which was quick for me! Below is a quick overview of what went on during the drawing process.

The timelapse

And below is a quick timelapse video of the drawing. I think I sped it up a little too fast, though.

Finally -- I don't normally do this, but I'm doing it today anyway. Here is how the drawing looks like when side-by-side with the reference~


Shout out to my good friend-enemy @charlocked! Have a safe fliiight then imma annoy the heck out of you again in a couple of hours.

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What a beautiful piece.

Maybe you've been going through a creative block? It's normal for that to happen from time to time, but I'm very glad you were able to finish a drawing, maybe you're starting to overcome that stage. The title fits very well with the concept of the drawing, the colors are very vibrant.

However, you are in good health and glad to hear about this. And I have to say I was amazingly happy to see this artwork. It’s really very creative.

It's always so interesting and fascinating to see how the layers build up. We all approach them in varying degrees of the same rule structure but there is still always ways in which each artist approaches it, I really love this. The white eyelashes are brillant. Thank you for sharing this @erangvee

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