"Who were you afraid of when you were a kid?" 👻 My digital art

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Do you remember your childhood nightmares? (I think I will soon dedicate a separate art to this)

For me, the worst thing was to stay in a dark room, because there was a huge closet opposite my bed. Every time my childhood fantasy painted terrible pictures: a huge terrible shadow slowly opens the door of the closet and goes out. There is no one to protect me, I cannot scream and my mother will not save me. Is it worth saying that this was a frequent cause of poor sleep and nightmares?

My digital art

I think the monsters that emerge from darkness are the most common childhood fear. The closet, the place under the bed, the dark window or the basement of the house are "favorite" places, aren't they?)


I remember looking under my bed before going to sleep as a child, just to be sure. Yeah monsters under the bed, seems to be a common fear that and something coming in through an open window.
Love your art work as always @extractum-lunae xxx

wow! many thanks! and also thank you for sharing your story! sometimes I'm even glad that I grew up in an apartment. I think that if I had my own house, then I would have a fear that at night someone might get through an open window!

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