"Beasts of Jangala" Comic Update #16 [ENG/ESP]

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Shoklo is by far the youngest member of the Hushpuppies. He can’t really talk - there’s no one teaching him - and he’s been teething for way (way) too long. His backstory is rather murky and only a handful recall the day when he was found in the jungle, alone and asleep. How did he get there? No one knows. At first glance, no one would consider him trouble. Yet his pocket size and defenseless appearance allows him to slip by unnoticed, making him the sneakiest of the bunch.
Comic soon!


Shoklo es sin duda el menor de los Cachorros. Aún no puede hablar - no hay nadie enseñándole - y su dentición ha durado bastante. Su pasado es medio turbio, y solo un puñado del grupo recuerdan como lo encontraron en la selva: solo y durmiendo. ¿Cómo llegó ahí? Nadie sabe. A primera vista, nadie lo consideraría problemático. Pero su tamaño pequeño y su apariencia vulnerable, le permiten movilizarse desapercibido, haciéndolo el más furtivo del grupo.
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All work was done on Procreate for the iPad Pro.
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Cute. Does he not grow arms until later?


don't think arms work that way 🤣 🤣 🤣

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haha thanks!!