"Beasts of Jangala" Comic Update #7

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Pompous, haughty, and a spewer of garbage, Emperor Porco Guano is not part of the Hushpuppies troop but the head of a rivaling gang. A master showman, he’s a spinner of stories and a fabricator of lies. Always in full combat regalia, his mastery of deception has made him victorious in many a fights, tricking his opponent into believing him a skillful fighter when in reality he doesn’t even know how to throw a punch.


About the process: I’d been tweaking and retweaking this character for quite some time now, and it wasn’t until this weekend, after watching Miyazaki’s “Lupin”, that everything somehow clicked into place. Creating a character can at times happen quite “easily” but other times they require extra iterations and even some external inspiration - and Miyazaki never fails to deliver 🙌🏼

Below you'll find a process breakdown, from flats to sketches, close-ups, and, per @creativetruth 's request, a slightly more detailed breakdown of the highlights/shading per layers.



Untitled_Artwork 9.JPG

Sketch, Linework, Flats, Shading (Multiply, Hard Light, Overlay), Highlights (Add & Overlay), All mixed together with noise.







All work was done on Procreate for the iPad Pro.
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Esta caricatura está excelente ☀️

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