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Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well!

I've wanted to add plants to my work for a long time, representing the importance of nature. I have special admiration for how everything is created, that is, the existence of life and how electromagnetic energy is included in this aspect.

Since I was a child they have taught me to respect nature, and I add that from there I have a special admiration for plants. And how not to do it if they are so important in our life.

I like to travel, but especially to places where there are more trees than buildings, but now with the issue of the pandemic, it is difficult to do so. I am grateful that in my garden there are some beautiful plants that make me have contact with nature, and remind me of those beautiful places that I have visited.

One of those plants, appeared suddenly in the garden, and when I saw it I was enchanted, it is so beautiful, and with a very peculiar shape, but truly unique, it is called "Clitoria Ternatea", I used it as a reference to create the work of art that I present here.
Clitoria Ternatea i.jpg
Clitoria Ternatea ii.jpg

Meditating next to the plants comforts me, they fill me with more life, I can identify their aroma, the natural breeze, the cool weather. The energy flows around me and I can feel the connection with mother nature.


Technical information:

I work with an Huion H320M tablet.
Photoshop CC 2019 program
Drawing Dimensions: 4488x6797 pixels

Some screenshots of the process:

Step  1.jpgStep 2.jpg
Step 3.jpgStep  4.jpg
Step 5.jpgStep 6.jpg
Step 7.jpgStep 8.jpg

Francisftlp-Connection with Nature.jpg

Tokenized in Foundation

Large amounts of electromagnetic energy flow through the planet, guaranteeing life. We are connected by invisible threads with Mother Nature. We breathe in energy called oxygen, we breathe out more energy called carbon dioxide, in that sense; we can appreciate how beautiful it is to breathe. Therefore, we depend on the need to exist. A flower can be very simple to look at, but wonderful things happen inside it, energy flows in it, just like blood flows in our body, and that is feeling alive.


If you want to see more of my art, you can access here

I say goodbye not without first thanking you for being here and supporting my work. I sincerely hope that you liked the drawing.

Until next time!




This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing the process of how you made this.

Thank you so much💜

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