Nina Simone. Digital painting with animation🖌️Pintura digital con animación.

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Nina Simone is one of my favorite artists, not only because of her peculiar voice but also because of how well she plays the piano, her life was not happy at all, she lived through many injustices and despite this she continued to vibrate with her music. For a long time I wanted to paint it, fill it with colors to pay homage to it. For this illustration I used a free software program called Krita where you can both paint and animate. I hope you like it.

Nina Simone es una de mis artistas favoritas, no sólo por su peculiar voz sino por lo bien que toca el piano, su vida no fue para nada feliz, vivió muchas injusticias y a pesar de ello seguía vibrando con su música. Desde hace mucho quería pintarla, llenarla de colores para rendirle un homenaje. Para esta ilustración usé un programa de software libre llamado Krita en donde puedes tanto pintar como animar. Espero les guste.



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Amazing work, I love it! Nina is so cool!

Thanks you very much!

Me encanta! Está hermosisimo.

Gracias 💓

Wow, so beautiful, thanks for sharing with us 😊

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Thanks ♥️

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it's amazing how your folks pull this off. The details to Ninas eyes are really deep. I could feel the emotion in her eyes as well as in art. Well done.

Hello, thank you very much, it is nice to have a good feedback on my creations.

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excelente. bien logrado y agradable para visualizarlo.felicidades fulani

Gracias, trabajando mucho para lograr el estilo digital!

Que arte, realmente me gusto mucho!

!Muchas gracias, qué bueno!