can't even imagine how many polys this is. So smooth!

Nicely done. You can post video loops to NFT platforms? I had no idea.

 6 days ago 

Yes, you are just limited to a certain file size, in case of SuperRare it's 50MB.


too dignified, regal and powerful. I love how exotic she is, how flamboyant, the confident look on her face, the ornaments in her eyes, and the mechanical dog were my favorite part.

beautiful 3d work

 6 days ago 

Thank you!

incredible work!

Super Cool!

Loved the details on the textures 👏

Is her hand/arm inside/part of the dog?

Seriously love the eyes and the patterning around them.

 5 days ago 

Yes, the arm is intersecting with the creature.

 5 days ago 

nice work! liked the camera angel and the composition, What software u used for this ?

 5 days ago 

Thanks! I used Daz3D, 3D-Coat and Blender.

 4 days ago 

oh thats nice !