The Priestess and the Guard II - NFT in progress

in OnChainArt8 days ago

A short In-Blender preview of my upcoming NFT "The Priestess and the Guard II"
(I might change the title)

Coming soon to SuperRare:


Wow. It's just amazing 😮

Very futuristic, it is excellent. I like the name of the priestess

Are you permanently in camera view or was that for the benefit of the video? :)

Were you running the cloth sim while moving the camera around? It looked like it was recalculating when you made the garment adjustment. I should probably try doing that but the last time I tried cloth dynamics I was animating at the same time ^_^;

The eye thing looks so cool :D

 8 days ago (edited)

I wanted the shallow depth of field for the video and I get this only in camera view. The cloth sim was calculated already, I just used the cloth brush to move it a little.

Thats deep bro

There's so much stuff already on my "need to learn" list Blender keeps getting pushed back since I already use multiple 3D apps, but damn it looks cool.