🎨Town X - original painting (early works)

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We may idealize freedom,
but when it comes to our habits,
we are completely enslaved.

-- Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying


Town X, 1992

Collage/acrylic on fiberboard
40 x 50 cm / 15.75 x 19.69 in






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The setting feels like the Maze Runner Era. The details are telling the truth about the world. The more we ask for independence, the more we suffer from our own aggression. We are enslaved by our own wrong idealism. This is a masterpiece. Your work is so great Sir! Keep safe :)

You are always welcome Sir!

Me: [squinting] are there giant skeletons in the big building? [scrolls down and sees your close up] yes, yes there are.

Also glad you posted a close up of the wall as would never have seen those diagrams and writing on it otherwise XD

Not necessarily skeletons, I see them rather as sculptures.

Hello @gric,

This is a rather disturbing painting filled with symbolism of free interpretation that evokes a feeling of oppression and suffering that affects both adults and children alike in an industrial and urban setting.

I am intrigued by the inscription that indicates a period of time that goes from February 13 to March 9, 1992, a leap year: 25 days in which coalitions happened in Eurasia, political assassinations in the Middle East, and ratifications of the non-proliferation treaty nuclear.

Thanks @janaveda! I wasn't really aware what was going on back then. I just took random news clips and put them on that wall...

You're welcome, my friend. Hahaha even though you were not aware of the facts in that period of time, I look excellent and it even made me think for a long time. I liked the painting.

awsome work. i want to have all your work on my home

Thanks @lstriker!

Wow, muy buen post, bastante realista, gracias por compartir.

Muchas gracias!

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The details and all are so satisfying... your design concepts and style is astounding.
Can I keep it for personal use only, please?

Thank you so much. You're too kind

Damn... That looks amazing! :-O

Thank you!

It great to see another one of your masterpieces after some time. The detail that goes into your work is phenomenal and I admire that so much

I love the details!

Incredible, it looks like video game.

This is great!

Seems you just posted this for rewards and also you are a cunt.

(I'm very sorry, I think this is an unacceptable way to conduct myself on the platform, but it seems that popular opinion is this is cool!

Have a great day

Wait what? That is a painting? 😮 Looking at the thumbnail while opening this post I was almost sure that this was an image from one of those stock images site. It extremely good man! 🔥

Increíble! 👏🏻👏🏻

Hi @gric,

amazing artwork up there with so many details to get lost in. I especially like the combination of mechanical and human elements. In the original, is it possible to read the newspaper fragments on the wall?

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I would be delighted to welcome you there.

@shaka, on behalf of the LMAC.


Wow! amazing! Looks like I'm inside of the movie! If not START WARS, The MAZE RUNNER MOVIE!

Wow, you really tried

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