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Analysis Paralysis.jpg

Analysis Paralysis

This is another work for my series "These Daisies Will Suffocate You".

A painting study was published here a few months ago. Here was the study back in February :

Analysis Paralysis.jpg

There were a few changes to the look but the composition is still there. In the study, I wanted the others figures to be something like a progressive sketches, with the one (facing the opposite side) to be a finished-looking one. In the final outcome however, I decided to just put them in repetition cos I realized it's better haha.

I was also planning to animate it, but I realized a bigger challenge (and even probably better) was to make it seem it was animated even though it's not. Hence, the kinda dizzy effect you see on the final work.

Here's the timelapse:

This will be minted on Makersplace cos I really have to focus on one store considering I only can make a few works per week.

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These really spoke to me. The amount of times I question myself and look at myself from different angles. And also it speak to another part of me that feels so different from others. Loved these pieces. A sign of a true artists is not just the technical characteristics, but did they make you think? Did they make you feel? And this did. I loved it, thank you.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you relate to it and you felt something. To me, that is everything <3

The purpose of a true artist ♥️ To create their feelings into works of art that others can utilize to heal as well.

Merry Christmas, Hiddy! 😀🍻

I thought you don't believe in Christmas? Hahaha

Uhm, sez who? I'm even the one who puts up and takes down the tree. LOL! 😜

Hahaha I just probably remembered it wrong! Hope you had a great one :D

It's a very nice job

Thank you!

Happy Christmas you talented girl! May all the awesome artwork be born in that studio of yours!

You too! Thank you <3 Let's make more art next year :D

Great goal🤗We will!

This art is not just a art . It’s a representative of a lot of meanings.
Really very beautiful ❤️