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Leather paint on leather, epoxy, acrylic

This work is a reflection of what we are and what we go through.

The wheelchair symbolizes vulnerability and injury in the past. May it be negative experiences, mistakes, regrets and anxieties that made us feel vulnerable or disabled. These are written in the past which are things we cannot change or erase. The only choice that we have is to move forward...

As these are something inevitable, we position ourselves as the captain of the ship, allowing full control of it and not allowing these injuries to hinder where we want to be.

The cover on the eyes symbolizes the uncertainties that we have for the future. There's no way to know what's ahead of us. Well... we can use our heart, anyway.

The paint on the wheelchair relates to my experience as an artist: I've always planned what I do and sometimes overthink it to the point that it limits my creativity. But this time, I decided to just be spontaneous and paint with no plan at all. I had no vision nor idea what the outcome of the paintings would be. It was time to trust my inner self and be free from all these anxieties.

After all, there's no other direction other than moving forward.











Artist's Notes

A few months ago, you have seen how I transformed a mannequin into a work of art but didn't say the purpose of it. Then a few days ago, the process of painting a wheelchair. This was all for this installation project that I really wanted to do since 2018! I'm glad that it was all a success and I also was able to exhibit it at the Mindanao Art Fair 2020. This was my first installation work as well, and I'm happy for it!


Stunning, just too stunning. I've always wondered what the cover on the face meant but then I realised you just explained it today. The future is full of uncertainties and we don't know what it brings. When it comes to art, there isn't a one direction, it's like many voices speaking to you and you're trying hard to chose the best. The colours on the wheelchair are really cool and I think it's perfect, the dark colors of the mannequin and how it blinks. Well done, my favourite artist by all mile

Thank you so much! Glad you like everything about it. :D

When it comes to art, there isn't a one direction, it's like many voices speaking to you and you're trying hard to chose the best.

So true. And sometimes it seems like a lot of choices are the best, or what we think are the best, then we move on and find another 'best' until we realize some of our decisions aren't actually even good. lol Life is complicated

Yeah, exactly then it's finished, it's like we can even do better than we've already done but then that's how it feels to generally be creative. You keep getting better by the way. its been a long time

I remember you mentioned you were looking for a wheelchair some months ago, it's great to see the results. If all wheelchairs were so cool, I'm sure it would help patients with their recovery journey. Any thoughts of doing this for maybe children's hospital?

Giving it to them, sure, but I don't know how doing this will work. Probably could teach them how to, I just don't see myself making a lot of these at the moment lol. Haven't thought of it but who knows about the future...

WoW... Esto es sumamente increíble, hoy vengo decido entrar en la plataforma, algo aburrida y ¡Pam! me encuentro con esta maravillosa obra de arte.

Me alegro que existan artistas super talentosos como usted.