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Digital Art

Ever since the lock down started, I've been stuck in front of the computer for longer hours. Since I can't take a few steps out of the house, my eyes have been seeing the same shit inside - that's until I glanced to my left and finally saw this.

I've always appreciated what's in front, but I've never thought I'd see what's behind my easel.

What's behind is everything that you never wanted to see - paintings being piled up almost as they're disregarded, dust, rolls of canvas on the floor, a palette with dried up paint that I'm too lazy to clean, some random clumps of hair that I don't even know where those shit came from, just all the ugly things. It's up to you on how you would translate those.

Seeing what's in the shadows made me realize about the importance of seeing things in a different perspective. All these things we never even realized they were there the whole time, waiting to be noticed.

As what Dan Brown said, “Sometimes a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light.”

And I have seen my own light.

This is a part of an online exhibit that will be done tomorrow. It was explained in my previous post.


This is cool, really good combination of photography and art and separating them with color :D
The white flash is a bit hard on my eyes to look at too long, a reversed would be cool too I think, black flashes :) Either way it really catches the attention ^^

So let me check if I'm correct here, what I see is a collection of several paintings in black and white, right? Looks cool with the color added and gif format!

A great drawing stack. there must be an artistic treasure there. I would like to see those drawings one by one. congratulations my dear friend. beautiful perspective. you noticed them :).


Honestly, this is better than I ever imagined I love it, it got a lot of... YOU in it, this seems otherworldy somehow, I must confess that you always impress me when you want to show another perspective, I'll never forget the crazy hidden post back in the day, still blows my mind!

It's beautiful and marveling to look at this from two different perspective really, it's obviously contrasting and due the fastness of the image I couldn't really pay attention to the details from the colours that's coming out of the dark colours

What's behind is behind we have to focus on the front, but it's okay to look behind from time to time because pain is the most powerful inspiration. These decorations on the artwork and the deep colours give a meaning ya deep girl.